Caravan & Camping Mat – We Couldn’t Live Without Them

Caravan & Camping Mat

Since 2009, our Aussie customers have received a wide range of recycled plastic outdoor rugs. There are many choices when it comes time to choose your Annex caravan mat. We offer a wide range of caravan mats in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find the perfect one for any outdoor space or occasion.

Caravan Mats – Helping You Enjoy Life In The Outdoors

You can easily add an outside mat to your campsite for style and comfort. Made of recycled plastics, they are lightweight and durable.

A caravan rug helps keep dirt, dust, grime, and other debris out of your vehicle. A caravan mat not only looks great but also provides extra seating space and comfort for family members, grandparents, and friends.

These plastic camping mats will draw many people and create endless stories. They can be used for entertaining or dining.

All-Weather Caravan Mats

Your camping mat is made of strong, recycled polypropylene. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that it’s not only stylish but also functional. Thanks to the support of our fellow Aussies and others, thousands and thousands upon thousands of kgs of plastic waste have been repurposed, saving it from landfills and helping our oceans.

Our caravan mats have waterproof and mold resistance. Simply give them a shake, then sweep or brush them off. Just wash off any dirt or debris that has gotten into the weave and use a soft brush to clean it.

This is because the outdoor mats’ weaves are tight enough to protect from sharp objects and stones but still allow for water and fine sand. It will allow for air circulation and preserve the ground underneath. See our blog post on how to maintain your recycled caravan mat.

Find The Perfect Place For Outdoor Living

Our caravan mats can be used as a foundation to help you create the ideal space for your loved ones so you can make the most of your time in the great outdoors.

The right camping floor mat is the best way to set the scene, no matter how you use it. The best part is that our mats can be easily cleaned and maintained to provide years of comfort.

You’ll be able to create an outdoor area that’s unique and memorable with some polyester cushions made in Australia. We also stock a variety of picnic accessories including cheeseboards.

After a long day in nature, it’s time to unwind and spend an evening under the stars. You can share laughter with one of our portable fire pits. A firepit is essential for outdoor adventures at night. They can be easily transported, set up, cleaned, and packed flat.

Time spent with family and friends are priceless. You can do it in the magnificent Australian landscape.

Our repurposed plastic caravan mats take the hassle out of it, allowing you to spend your time on the important things that matter most: making memories to last forever.

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Caravan & Camping Mat – We Couldn’t Live Without Them

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