7 Ways a Personal Humidifier Helps in Healthy Living

Full-size humidifiers are clunky and notorious wallet-burners, soaring well above $200 for the big-name brands (i.e., Honeywell). But their 800 square feet of misty coverage doesn’t mesh with tighter quarters, like an office cubicle, a truck cabin, or a Sahara-dry bedroom. Personal humidifiers are miniature versions that add natural moisture and steam to the air […]

What to Wear on a Breakfast Date

Ah, the coffee shop! The home of countless meet-cutes and cozy fanfiction alternate universes. A hub of morning activity where creators and business people alike gather in search of a morning cup of joe. Now, this morning staple is the site of your next date, and you have no idea what to wear. You turn to […]

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