China Amazon Freight Conveyance: Consolidated Cargoes

China Amazon Freight Conveyance: Consolidated Cargoes

The main advantage of the international delivery of consolidated cargo is the minimization of transport costs for importers. The price is significantly reduced because several customers pay for the transportation of groupage cargo at once. There are some essential benefits of the above-mentioned solution.

  • It is possible to deliver batches of any size.
  • You have to pay only for the place occupied by the cargo.
  • If there are regular routes for the groupage cargo cartage, the costs and the time are reduced.
  • Transport companies provide a personal manager responsible for the international carriage of consolidated cargo, make it possible to track the location, and insure the cargo.
  • Trucking of groupage cargo allows the responsible company to quickly deliver the goods from China to the USA.
  • This is the cheapest and most convenient way to deliver goods.
  • The carrier will carry out consolidation to reduce transportation costs.
  • All issues related to customs clearance and border crossing are removed from the customer.

China Amazon freight forwarding is rather a popular service and the ARDI Express Company is ready to go through all stages of cargo haulage with one team of specialists. There is no need to look for a contractor and pay him extra for finding a free space, organizing security, and necessary conditions for storage. Everything will be done at a high level.

Important Details To Know

Terms and cost of delivery depend on the type of transport, dimensions, and category of products. Aviation will deliver the package to the Amazon warehouse in the short term. This method of consolidated freightage is the fastest but also the most expensive. The cheapest way is to ship by sea. Such delivery will take up to a few months, so it is not suitable for perishable or seasonal goods. The best option is multimodal delivery, which involves the use of different modes of transport in separate sections of the parcel. The scheme will reduce the time spent by cargo in transit and reduce costs by up to 30%.

The package of documents for customs clearance can be expanded depending on the clearance scheme (independently or through an intermediary), the category of goods, and the specifics of the legislation of the countries through which the cargo will transit. Additional paperwork must be provided as soon as possible to avoid arrest or a fine and our specialists will take the responsibility for that.

Stages Of Collection And Vehiculation

  • Choice of transport and route.
  • Shipment to the consolidation warehouse in a common container or truck.
  • Customs check of contents and documents.
  • Delivery to the client.

ARDI Express offers direct contact with the sender anywhere in the world. Quickly establish a dialogue between the customer and the contractor. There are customs departments on the territory of warehouse complexes. All operations are performed in one place. There’s also a quick operational consolidation of groupage cargoes with the customs clearance procedure. Several warehouse complexes in central transport hubs significantly speed up the delivery. Round-the-clock work on registration and placement of goods, the same as automated logistics, greatly eliminates the loss of goods.

All loading, unloading operations, and conveyance within the warehouse are carried out in accordance with safety regulations and taking into account the characteristics of the cargo. A sprinkler fire extinguishing system is configured to protect the cargo from water and fire as much as possible. There’s the temperature control, the ability to store perishable products, and high-speed internet in all warehouses. The locations have a reliable security system that has repeatedly proven their performance.

Reasons To Choose ARDI Express

  • Spacious parking lots for trucks and cars.
  • European service in all warehouses. 
  • Polite and tidy staff with knowledge of Chinese and English languages.

ARDI Express offers comprehensive warehousing services with the expectation of speeding up cargo cartage and minimizing customer costs. The company’s specialists follow all the trends in warehouse logistics and introduce the best management technologies into the work.

China Amazon Freight Conveyance: Consolidated Cargoes

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