The USA Virtual Number: Safety And Efficiency

The USA Virtual Number: Safety And Efficiency

A virtual number (VN) is an improved version of a regular phone number that exists exclusively on the Internet. Such a number simply does not have a physical SIM card that could be inserted somewhere. Well, this is an improved version for many reasons. For example, the following advantages can be greatly distinguished.

  • It allows you to simultaneously receive a large number of calls, while a regular number can only work with one.
  • The solution is not tied to any region or city and therefore it can be used to make profitable calls to different parts of the country.
  • There’s no need for a long connection – you only need the Internet and a device via which the call will be made.
  • It costs less than the usual one.

It is not surprising that a VN becomes an indispensable assistant and tool with such advantages for various companies whose activities are based on making calls but such a solution can also be very useful for private individuals. In addition, it remains especially profitable for low-cost international calls. You incur additional costs when communicating internationally while traditionally using your landline phone number. The VN helps you to avoid significant costs and get benefits from communication for the price of a local call.

How Do VNs Work?

Internet Telephony Is Schematically Represented By 3 Sequential Processes.

  • Conversion of voice information into digital information by algorithms of the SIP protocol from one subscriber.
  • Transmission to the recipient of modulated data over IP networks.
  • Decoding digital data into audio to another subscriber.

Everything is simple and efficient, so there’s no surprise that such a technology is rather popular today.

Safety Is In The First Place

Another very interesting point about this new option is the protection of your privacy. Indeed, you will no longer have to give your personal number due to this VN. It uses the mobile phone network, also called GSM to link to the classic number on the SIM card. There’s a small chip containing the IMSO number that allows you to find a VN and connect to the GSM network. Once it is activated, you will be able to take advantage of the plan and options you subscribed to. Pay attention that the USA virtual number from Freezvon Company offers lots of various features that can simplify the business process and fully enjoy the modern digital possibilities.

By the way, the Freezvon VN uses VoIP technology that converts data (such as voice) into a digital signal and transforms the received signal into a number of digital data available over the Internet. Sometimes you have to install the app but you will be able to make Wi-Fi calls without having to install an application with some smartphones.

Security Of IP-Telephony: Myth Or Reality

Major IP telephony providers are constantly looking to improve the information security of their services to minimize the potential for information leakage. Someone uses a fraud control system, the multi-level nature of which makes it easy to automatically stop unauthorized calls by detecting suspicious activity on the lines. Other companies follow the path of connecting via the Internet or SIP data centers.

The Level Of Security Is Enhanced By Additional Precautions.

  • Organization of a VPN connection between the client’s local network and the provider’s servers.
  • Allocation of trusted IP addresses by which authorization takes place.

To prohibit technically unauthorized access to information transmitted via the Internet is not so difficult. Experts recommend a separation of access rights, flexible configuration of outgoing call rules, and control of information about all inputs from the IP address and other information (authorization, redirection, reconfiguration, etc.) in the user’s personal profile. All these rules are quite simple but very effective and the Freezvon Company pays great attention to them. It’s not only easy to get the USA VN but also be sure of the provided data high-level protection.

Remember that the IP operator Freezvon offers reliable communication, and lots of PBX features, for example, the creation of an IVR voice menu, and office staff will be able to receive and send faxes. Moreover, the office can receive any number of incoming calls to one number and if there are no free employees, then the calls are sent to the waiting queue. The company retains the multi-line phone number when changing the address.

The USA Virtual Number: Safety And Efficiency

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