5 Common Gym Accidents (and How to Heal From Your Injuries Naturally)

Common Gym Accidents

The human body contains over 650 muscles and exactly 206 bones. Tendons and ligaments connect these structures, creating a plethora of moving parts and the possibility of injury.

This does not mean that you should opt-out of exercise to avoid hurting yourself. In fact, strengthening your muscles decreases the likelihood of pain and injury occurring in everyday life.

But, you should be aware of common injuries and take measures to prevent them by working out properly. Keep reading to learn the 5 most common gym accidents and how to heal and prevent them.

1. Strains and Sprains

The top gym injuries include strains and sprains. These avoidable accidents can leave you out of commission for days to months, depending on the severity.

Stretching or tearing the tendon that connects bone to bone causes a strain. Stretching or tearing the ligament, which connects muscle to bone, is a sprain.

Both cause pain, swelling, weakness, and an inability to perform regular activities. They typically require ice, rest, compression, and elevation.

Ingesting natural anti-inflammatories, like ginger, turmeric, and green tea may help as well. Sometimes these injuries call for surgical repair, making physical therapy necessary for proper recovery.

2. Tendonitis

Tendonitis refers to inflammation of the tendons. Sudden or repetitive movements can lead to forms of tendonitis like tennis elbow or trigger finger.

This causes pain and tenderness, making movements difficult. You can treat mild tendonitis the way you treat a sprain, but more severe forms can benefit from percutaneous tenotomy. Check out sportshealthnorthwest.com to learn more.

3. Back Injury

You use some of your back muscles in nearly every motion and lift at the gym. This puts your back at high risk for injury while working out.

While hurting your muscles can cause pain and setbacks, injuring your spine can create devastating effects. Some back injuries heal with rest, anti-inflammatories, and massage.

Spinal injuries require prompt medical attention. Call a doctor if you notice sharp or severe pain, numbness and tingling, or loss of feeling.

4. Shin Splints

Avid runners and athletes who overwork their legs tend to suffer from shin splints. Usually, these create more discomfort than risk. Treat them with rest, stretches, massage, and anti-inflammatories.

5. Dehydration

While this may not sound like an injury, you should treat it as one. When you lose more fluid than you take in, it upsets the delicate balance of fluid and minerals in your body.

Dehydration affects your heart, kidneys, brain, muscles, and literally every single cell in your body. This common injury can actually kill you.

Prevention of Gym Accidents

To avoid these common gym injuries:

  • Stretch before and after exercise
  • Use equipment properly
  • Always use a spotter with heavy weights
  • Listen to your body
  • Always keep plenty of water on hand and hydrate

Pushing so hard that you get hurt will only set you back. Work out smart!

Live Your Best Life

Working out provides numerous benefits to your appearance, mood, and overall health. Avoid preventable gym accidents by making smart decisions and take care of yourself properly when an injury does occur.

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5 Common Gym Accidents (and How to Heal From Your Injuries Naturally)

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