Common Health Care for Dogs


Dog ownership is a fun and rewarding time in a person’s life. Dogs are the perfect example of unconditional love; anyone would do almost anything for these furry friends. However, it is a huge responsibility to own a dog and goes beyond simply feeding, playing, taking outside, and walking. There are routine vet visits and health needs that are a part of dog ownership. Certain routine things a pet owner can do at home, but some require a vet visit. Either way, keeping up with their health care is good, so their dog stays healthy and happy.

Care for Dogs at Home

Certain routine dog health care can be done at home and does not necessarily require a visit to the vet’s office. A couple of examples of this would be grooming and dental care.

No matter the length of the dog’s coat, there is some level of grooming that is needed for every dog. It is especially necessary for dogs with long, shaggy, thick fur. These coats tend to mat easily, which can lead to irritation of the skin and could lead them more susceptible to parasites or bacterial infections. At least once a month, a dog should be bathed and brushed.

Dental care for dogs or pet teeth cleaning is something that should be done throughout their lives. First, teeth and gums would be kept in good condition. This can be done by the owner giving certain toys and treats made for dental health and routinely brushing their teeth. Sometimes their teeth need a professional cleaning from the vet’s office, but those can be avoided if the dog owner is thorough in their pup’s dental care.

Another thing a dog owner should check daily is if hazardous household items are out of the dog’s reach. There are so many different chemicals within a home that can be devastating for a dog’s health. If a furry companion gets into any hazardous items, it calls for an immediate vet visit.

Care for Dogs at the Vet

Vet visits are sometimes unavoidable, even for routine health care for a dog. Every year a dog should receive an examination by the vet to keep up with their health. It can get pricey, but there is financial assistance with vet bills as an option or signing up for a wellness plan if the vet office offers those.

A veterinarian is the only one who can administer vaccinations for dogs. Therefore, they are essential when it comes to preventative care for dogs. Additionally, parasite control also plays a key role in preventing heartworm, fleas, ticks, and other parasites that could cause harm to dogs.

Another major preventative thing needed for a dog’s health is spaying or neutering. All dogs should be spayed or neutered unless they are specifically used for breeding. A veterinarian will usually spay a female dog around six months, and males will generally be neutered between five and ten months.

Taking proper care of a dog is a huge undertaking, but following these routine check-ins and showing proper care for a dog at home and the vet can lead to a long and happy life with the dog.

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Common Health Care for Dogs

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