Engagement And Wedding Ring Trends In 2022

Engagement Rings

Styles change and fads come and go but diamonds are forever… or are they?

As the industry evolves, people are more willing to look at engagement and wedding rings that are a bit out of the norm. Everyone wants to be unique, and now your ring can be whatever you want it to be with the insane range of styles and stones available to use!

Check out these expert projected ring trends for 2022. Whether you are a fan of shiny things or are planning to flash something unique on the big day, get in the know with these up-and-coming styles.

Style Trends

Trending styles for 2022 range from simple to extravagant. These ring styles are going to be big, according to insight from industry experts.

Super Simple

The classic look is back. An increasingly popular style is one of the simplest traditional looks. A plain, thin band with a single diamond, usually round-cut and fitted in the center. An elegant and nostalgic setting that will never go out of style, a solitaire diamond ring brings any finger touch of chic.

While the simple style is in, there is no reason you can’t have some fun with it. Change up the color of the band or the color of the diamond to create something uniquely you! These rings are not too dramatic or overstated, and define the purity of love in a single piece of jewelry.

Minimalism is on the rise in the fashion and design industries and the jewelry industry is no exception. People want understated, high-quality rings to express their devotion rather than a flashy ring. Extravagant rings with an excess of diamonds and features can look clunky. Simple solitaire diamond rings focus on the beauty and vibrancy of the stone itself without other distractions.

Creative Combination Rings

Combination ring sets are when the engagement ring and the wedding band cleverly fit together to look like one ring when worn. The beautifully designed sets can come in loads of different styles to suit your aesthetic.

Some engagement rings slip into the wedding band. This beautifully frames the engagement ring’s diamond right in the center of your wedding band, making both rings the focus. Another option is a wedding band with a little dip that acts as a nest for the engagement ring’s stone. Ring designers are creative and can create intricate sets that are one of a kind.

Engagement rings often overshadow the wedding band. Combination sets make both rings the star of the show. Some people opt out of wearing both rings because they find it uncomfortable, but sets that fit into each other are far more comfortable.


Vintage rings are very much in! Whether they are truly vintage or inspired by older ring designs, couples are finding fabulously unique rings to suit their style. If you have unconventional tastes or find the standard engagement and wedding rings boring, consider a vintage ring that radiates a timeless taste.

The shift towards a vintage style can embody many different designs. Some lovely vintage designs rising in popularity are three stone rings, acrostic rings, non-traditional gemstones, and multicolored bands. These trends are becoming popular individually contributing to the rise of vintage engagement and wedding ring trends.

Real vintage rings are sought after right now because people want to be environmentally conscientious. Buying a ring that has been around for years reduces the demand in the diamond industry, which benefits the planet. Couples considering their impact on the environment can opt for vintage rings or have a family stone re-set into a more modern band.

Stone Trends

Not everyone wants a traditional diamond ring, and these distinctive stone trends are taking over the ring industry.

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Pear-shaped diamonds are a glamorous deviation from standard cuts. Everyone has seen the cushion cut and the princess cut a million times, so why not go for something new? A pear cut is elegant and soft in the same way the cut is but adds a little extra with its point.

You can wear a pear-shaped diamond with the point facing inward or outward, giving you the option to change up the rings once in a while! This dynamic style is ravishing without being over the top and can bring a distinctive shine to your finger.

An added benefit of opting for a pear-shaped diamond is that it has a larger surface area than a round-cut, making it look significantly bigger. Despite the difference in surface area, pear-shaped diamonds are less expensive than traditional round cuts. This lets you save money but get the big rock you’ve always dreamed of!

Unique Stones Instead Of Diamonds

Emeralds, rubies, and pearls, oh my! Diamonds are still most people’s go-to for engagement and wedding rings, but some daring folks are stepping out of the mold. Couples are fitting their rings with a variety of unique stones, from the soft, ethereal pearl to the bold ruby.

If you find diamonds bland or uninspiring, this is the trend for you. These stones bring color into your ring and add a non-traditional flair that makes it feel even more special. This style isn’t just a fashion statement, either. Many people are looking for a more sustainable stone that doesn’t harm the planet as much to acquire. Opting for a stone other than a diamond is an eco-friendly decision!

Choosing from a variety of stones means that you can choose one that has more sentimental meaning to you individually or as a couple. It could be one of your birthstones or a stone that you feel encapsulates you in a way a diamond never could. Take a page from Princess Diana’s book, – if you’ve ever seen her stunning sapphire ring – and elect for something extraordinary.

Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds are all the rage right now. Why settle for plain when you can have the rainbow on your finger?

Colored diamonds were once thought of as imperfect. In recent years, they have grown exponentially in popularity. This trend is continuing into 2022 and people have begun to mix and match different colored diamonds into one setting for an inventive style.

Technically, colored diamonds are still a result of imperfections in the stone. But today, we can look at those imperfections through a new lens and appreciate the beauty of this natural accident. The mishap in the formation of the diamond can result in a pink, black, yellow, brown, blue, red, or greenstone.

Lately, these “defective” diamonds have been smashing records at auction houses and grabbing the world’s attention. Gem-quality synthetic colored diamonds have recently come onto the scene and provide a new option for couples looking for something different.

Band And Setting Trends

Everyone knows the gemstone takes center stage on a ring. But that doesn’t mean we should forget about the band and the precious metals involved!

Cathedral Setting

Cathedral ring settings are named as such because the design makes them look like the arches of a church building. The design includes two arches that hold up the diamond, or the ring may sit above the band so it looks like it is floating.

Cathedral settings can be simple and classic or intricate and blinged out. There can be one, two, or even three bands for the arches drawing more focus to your center stone. Little diamonds or other gemstones can deck out the arches. The arches also create space for tiny details that add to the overall radiance of the ring.

An added benefit to the cathedral setting is that it protects the stone while also making it look larger. Despite these added pros, cathedral settings are typically quite affordable.

Halo Setting

Halo settings are a classic look dominating the ring industry recently, and signs indicate that this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. A halo setting is one large stone encircled by smaller stones, creating a halo effect around the main stone. This draws attention to the larger gemstone, but the brilliance of the smaller stones may add a shine and sparkle you didn’t have before.

There are many different designs you can implement with a halo setting. The smaller stones can be the same shape as the center or vary as part of a unique look. Modern styles can play around with different stones, cuts, and colors to create new looks!

Halo rings are timeless. You cannot overstate the brilliance of these rings and how they can make heads turn. Just like the solitaire setting, halo settings will always have a place in the ring industry.

Twisted Bands

Twisted or braided bands are eye-catching, radiant, and an up-and-coming trend for 2022. A braided band adds a flair to the ring that makes it unique and fashion-forward. There are many directions you can go with a twisted band concept.

Whether the band’s design is inspired by tree vines or represents the knot you have tied with your spouse, you can be super creative with this style and let your imagination run wild with possibilities.

Some options for a unique twisted band include diamond-encrusted shoulders on the twist, a fully braided band, a compass twist, split shoulders, or a twisted infinity ring design. The twisted band adds elegance and a distinctive look to your ring, whether it is fully twisted or just slightly wavy.


No matter your style, there is a perfect engagement ring and wedding band out there for you. Don’t feel stifled by limited options when there are endless possibilities and looks that haven’t even been designed yet! Venture out of the norm and find the ideal ring for this special moment. Don’t be afraid to get creative and design (or look for!) the ring of your dreams.

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Engagement And Wedding Ring Trends In 2022

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