Fire Safety Checklist for Your Business & HMO

Fire Safety

We have put together a quick checklist suitable for all landlords, property managers and others to ensure that their HMO meets the most up-to-date and relevant fire safety standards.

  • Do you have the correct smoke detectors fitted?
  • Do you require fire door installation services?
  • Do these smoke detectors work?
  • Are all escape routes clearly visible and well lit?
  • Do all of your fire doors meet the 30-minute fire resistance criteria?
  • Do your fire doors have self-closing mechanisms?
  • Is all of your furniture fire safe?
  • Are your fire doors fitted with the correct intumescent strips with smoke seals?
  • Does your kitchen have a fire blanket?
  • Have you ensured that all combustible materials and ignition sources are kept in different places?
  • Have you carried out a fire risk assessment?
  • Have you recently serviced your fire smoke panel?

If you are unsure about any of the above, contact your nearest fire safety professional for up-to-date advice. Alternatively, get a fire door installer who will be able to accurately and professionally carry out the needed work to ensure your HMO building is up to code.

Fire safety in commercial premises is imperative to the safety of those who use the building. Fire safety checks must be carried about by certified and trained professionals or businesses could risk insurance issues and the safety of those who use the building, such as staff, customers, and guests. Correctly carried out fire safety checks can prevent the spread of fire in a building, seal off smoke, lessen the effects of monoxide poisoning suffocation, and keep vision clear.

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Fire Safety Checklist for Your Business & HMO

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