Five Myths about Appealing to Graduate Schemes Debunked

Graduate Schemes Debunked

There are myths that surround applying for graduate schemes. Several people have been dissuaded from taking action in this direction because of the myth that they have heard about applying for such jobs through various online portals. The myths keep coming up everything on websites; they have killed joys that should not be tolerated.

What you are about to read are five of such myths that people believe in but were never true in the first place.

1. Meant for only business students

Do you require certification in business to apply for the big four? This is far from the truth and it is not part of the practical reality of things. In most countries in the world, people study something that is completely unrelated to what they will actually be doing in life. Furthermore, when you’re worried about someone to take my exam, you don’t have to worry about it, because you may not be able to do it in the future.

For the majority of employers all over the world, your degree only translates into two different things:

  • You are able to meet the commitments of your course and deadlines.
  • The academic ability to study a subject at a higher level.

What you studied in school does not matter at the end of the day.

2. Deadlines

We are in the era of the internet where you can get any info that you need to move forward. The majority of companies set a September deadline for their recruitment for the coming year. When you miss such deadlines, it is never the end of the road. Some companies, such as PwC, Red Bull, or Procter & Gamble, do not have such deadlines. In fact, you can get employment through them as late as July of their calendar year!

3. Is a five-year plan necessary?

Do you know what you actually want in a job? It is a reality that most people do not figure out what they need in life until they are in their late thirties. Graduate schemes are more for those that do not have a plan in place; it all boils down to exploring the options before you when you are ready. New graduate jobs come up every day; you will have the liberty to explore them.

4. You can not get graduate jobs with 2:2

There are several companies that will accept a 2:2 degree. Bright examples in this regard include Jaguar Landrover, the Civil Service, and Network Rail. When you take part in volunteering; part-time work; leading a student society, it will be easy to show off your skills that will put your grade in school in the dustbin. Your on-the-job performance will carry more weight.

5. You do not need any work experience.

Another myth peddled about employment that is false is the notion that you need work experience to get your dream job. The essence of graduate schemes is to help fresh graduates get their career path right when they pass their exams with the help of assignment writing UK. Work experience is never part of it.


How many of the myths stated above have you believed? They are all false impressions that will not stand in your path of making a success of graduate schemes.

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Five Myths about Appealing to Graduate Schemes Debunked

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