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Tree T Pee

Tree T Pee is a ‘Shark Tank Success Story that Overcame Hard Times

April 29, 2014 — The Tree T Pee, a water containment system designed for agricultural businesses, is the first of its kind. Johnny Georges, a farmer, and creator of Tree T Pee created the product because he is passionate about water conservation.

The Tree T Pee provides water conservation by micro-sprinklers, and frost protection via its cone-shaped tree protector made of recycled plastic. It is placed at the base of trees.

Georges was shocked to learn that the producers of Shark Tank wanted Tree T Pee’s product on their show.

Georges stated that “for me, it was just to go up there and be yourself, hopefully, they like you,” ABC News reported. “If they don’t like you, they can show the world how we conserve water.”

The Tree T Pee’s water conservation efficiency was a big draw for the Sharks. Georges’ personal story was what really made them fall in love with his business.

His father instilled in Georges the importance of hard work, perseverance, and giving back from an early age. Georges wanted to pay tribute to his father’s values 12 years after his father died.

Tree T Pee

Georges stated, “He lives on through me,”

Georges stated, “It’s who you are because you don’t have anything if you’re gone.” It’s not about money for me. It’s all about doing the right thing.

Even the notoriously vicious Shark Kevin O’Leary had a nice thing to say about Georges.

O’Leary stated that there was not a dry eye in the room on ABC News.

O’Leary said, “You can see his passion for helping farmers in times when they are really in trouble.” “At the time, he was deeply disturbed that he wasn’t making any money.”

Tree Teepee

Georges explained to the Sharks that his product was made at $2.95 per piece and sold for $4.50. These margins were shocking for the Sharks.

“I work for farmers. Georges stated, “It’s what my job is, and helping farmers helps us all.” “People don’t realize that food doesn’t grow on shelves at the grocery store.

John Paul DeJoria, investor and Shark Special Guest, jumped aboard.

“When Johnny told me that the Tree T Pee saved 3,000 percent on water and that you only need one-30th of that water, that was when I realized this was good news for farmers. It’s good news for America. DeJoria stated, “I want to be that guy’s partner.”

Georges stated that John Paul had a saying: Wealth un-shared, is wasted. “I am absolutely in agreement with him.”

Georges was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support he received from the public after his appearance on Shark Tank. He said that his inbox was flooded with more than 56,000 emails within a single day of “Shark Tank.” And that he sold thousands upon thousands of Tree T Pees the next night.

Georges has been touring the country since his appearance on Shark Tank. He shows farmers how Tree T Pee works and makes deals. He recently signed a deal with The Home Depot, a powerhouse retailer.

Georges stated, “I have a lot of passion because I have a 17-year-old son and almost a three-year-old girl, and I want them to have a better life than we had.” “I want them to know their daddy was a role model and made a difference.”

Tree T Pee

Tree T Pee: Shark Tank Updates

Johnny Georges is passionate about American farmers and has a deep respect for them. With his father Rick, he worked for more than two decades in the irrigation and citrus industries. The two of them invented a plastic device that could be used to wrap tree roots around to prevent frost damage. The Tree T Pee was used by a few farmers over the years. It could only be purchased in a specific region.

Johnny came up with a solution for farmers looking to reduce water consumption and improve their crop yields. He created a product farmers could use to immediately improve their business. Johnny went to Shark Tank to find capital and support for Tree T Pee’s expansion to benefit farmers across the country.

Tree T Pee dives into the Shark Tank


Shark Tank Season 5 Episode 7

Tree T Pee is a great way to conserve water by using the irrigation process. It reduces the tree’s water use from 25,000 gallons per year to 800 gallons. Johnny wants $150,000 for a 20% share in Tree T Pee.

Johnny is an expert on his business and his product. Johnny has seen the product in action and knows how it can benefit the farmers with whom he has been working for many years. He isn’t a natural public speaker and is not used to being in front of a crowd of successful entrepreneurs. Johnny felt the pressure as he started his pitch and froze. He couldn’t remember any details that he had previously memorized.

John Paul DeJoria, the guest shark, lets Johnny go and asks about the Tree T Pee system. The plastic container wraps around a tree’s base to capture up to 3 inches of rainwater in an hour. Similar products have been tried to get water to tree roots more efficiently, but wind can hamper these efforts. Johnny holds a utility patent for the Tree T Pee. It is currently limited to a five-county region in California.

To make the Tree T Pee, it costs $3.59 Johnny has sold over 125,000 units but only $4.50 per unit, which is a low-profit margin. Although the Tree T Pee is made to last five years, the oldest version has been in service since 1984.

Tree T Pee

Johnny shared with the Sharks that Rick, his father was an innovator and pioneer in the irrigation industry. His father used to place dirt on trees in order to protect them from the cold weather. The pair made a temporary tee-pee using a piece of plastic and wrapped it around the tree’s base. The Tree T Pee was born.

Mark would like to know more about Johnny’s distribution plans. Johnny says that he is unable to look into worldwide distribution. The Tree T Pee was sold to a few commercial nurseries in Florida. However, that’s about it.

Johnny told the Sharks a story about selling Tree T Pee to a farmer and was kicked off the farm by his wife. He tried to explain that he had a way for them to save water and money, and to keep their trees from freezing overnight. Johnny gave the woman his business card, along with a few Tree T Pee samples to test before he left. Johnny was contacted by the woman a week later to pay for the Tree T Pees. He also placed an order for nearly 5,000 more.

Mark was puzzled as to why he sold them for $5 when he could get at least twice that amount. Johnny replied that he always tries to be honest with farmers and gives them the best deal possible. He sells them in large quantities, often selling thousands of units at a given time. Johnny is told by Kevin that there isn’t enough profit margin to justify the effort of a large distributor. He stated that it would require a large operation in order to find farmers and that these efforts would not be cost-efficient. Kevin bows out.

Tree T Pee

John Paul is impressed by Johnny’s efforts. He feels sincere in his desire to help farmers save money as well as help with water conservation. He believes that American farmers are the nation’s foundation. For the Tree T Pee’s incredible benefits, he believes farmers would pay $7. John Paul believes Johnny is doing a lot for farmers in this country and wants him to work with him to do more. John Paul tells Johnny that he will give Johnny all he wants – $150,000 plus 20% of Tree T pee. Johnny agrees to the deal and hopes it will make a difference for farmers across the country.

Tree T Pee after Shark Tank

Johnny has been working closely with John Paul since his Shark Tank appearance to present to large corporations. Tree T Pee is available at Home Depot stores in Florida for $9.97. There are hopes that it will expand to other markets. Their website has the black Tree T Pee. They also have active social media accounts with more than 36,000 likes on Facebook.

Tree T Pee

Johnny’s father Rick died over a decade ago. However, he would surely be proud of his son’s work for the American farmer. Johnny now has the financial support and business support of John Paul to expand the reach and help farmers save their crops and water.

Disclaimer: This article contains only informational material. has no affiliation with SharkTank or Tree T Pee.

Tree T Pee

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