5 Fun Daycare Activities to Keep Children Entertained

Daycare Activities

The United States child care industry is currently valued at over fifty-four billion dollars, and only expected to grow.

Keeping the children in your care healthy and happy is one important piece of running a daycare center. But daycare activities are just as important.

Little hands and big imaginations need something to focus on, so your day can go as smoothly as possible.

Below, we review five of our favorite daycare activity ideas, so that your daycare company is a fun, safe place for children to stay during the day. Read on for some great tips and tricks to keeping the little ones entertained.

1. Group Games

Depending on the age groups at your facility, group games may work well or may not be appropriate.

However, if you have a group of older children at your center, group games like Simon Says or Red Light Green Light captures attention and keeps kids active and listening. Plus, these games inspire activity, which can be a blessing on rainy days when everyone is kept indoors.

2. Quiet Games

Need some wind-down time after lunch? Quiet games are the perfect, entertaining answer.

Telephone and the Quiet Game are two great choices to keep kids engaged and quiet. Both require being quiet to participate in the game. Telephone requires that a phrase be whispered around a circle, and the Quiet Game evolves around the kids choosing the next quiet kid (think Duck, Duck, Goose).

3. Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are great to keep kids entertained but also exercise their brains.

Simple puzzles are available in a variety of difficulty levels. Individual children can play with these puzzles, or gather groups of children to work on actual puzzles together to encourage some cooperation.

4. Outdoor Games

When the weather is nice, nothing beats letting the kids play outside. For more information on outdoor safety, Child Care Biz Help can outline some of the requirements to look out for.

Outdoor toys, like playground equipment, toy cars, cornhole bag games, and even gardens, are fantastic ways for children to burn off some extra energy while getting some fresh air.

Be sure to use plenty of sunscreens and have first aid equipment on hand for scrapes, just in case.

5. Construction Games

Legos and blocks are some of the easiest games to give to kids. These games allow kids to use their imagination in a host of ways. And plenty of Legos and blocks means that plenty of kids can build individual projects or work together.

Be aware of smaller children and toys like Legos. Small children that tend to put everything in their mouths should not be around Legos unsupervised.

Keep Up With the Latest Daycare Activities

Daycare activities are an important aspect to incorporate into your daycare center. Keeping kids healthy, safe, and entertained ensures that your facility is serving its purpose.

Now that you have some ideas for great daycare games, why not follow our site for more content? We cover a wide range of topics, so no matter what you are looking for, we have an article for you!

5 Fun Daycare Activities to Keep Children Entertained

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