Gifts That Guys Will Love

Gifts That Guys Will Love

It’s difficult to shop for guys. They usually buy what they want themselves. Most online gift-giving guides are filled with objects that guys are supposed to like but really don’t. This guide is different. You’ll see nothing engraved or scented here. These ideas are for real men who like useful, thoughtful presents.

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Knives are one of those items that men love to talk about and show off to each other. You can buy kitchen knives for a guy who likes to cook, or a pocket knife for a handy type of man. For the outdoorsman, choose a hunting or fillet knife. Be sure to do your research or speak to a knowledgeable clerk at the store. Hunting and fishing knives vary greatly depending on their purpose. If your man has a set of knives that he already loves, you could purchase a gift card for blade sharpening Savannah GA.


You can’t beat a good, hard-sole pair of slippers. For some unknown reason, men love slippers. The hard sole allows them to go outside to grab trashcans or the mail without putting on real shoes. That is a big deal. They can put them on, kick them off and leave them all over the house for everyone to trip over, which is an added bonus. If you have a guy friend that is about to tie the knot, you can definitely give him the best wedding shoes for men.


Coolers are made for more than keeping food and drinks cold. They can charge your phone, play music and some even have built-in lighting. The more gadgets slapped onto the cooler the better.  You could also purchase accessories, like dividers, trays or cushions to snap onto the top. Just make sure it also keeps ice cold for days. No man wants to brag about his wifi-enabled cooler if it doesn’t keep the beer cold.


When all else fails, most men are happy to get a home-cooked meal. If you aren’t a great cook, then send him to his favorite restaurant with his friends. A full belly and some time with his buddies is the best gift of all.

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Gifts That Guys Will Love

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