3 Things You Can Do to Preserve Your Smile

Preserve Your Smile

Poor oral care and failing to address issues in your mouth can keep you from showing off your best smile. If you’re concerned that your smile is getting worse over time, review these simple but effective ways to care for your teeth.

1. Replace Missing Teeth

Some people think that they only need to consider replacing a missing tooth if it’s located in the front of their mouth. However, having a missing tooth can cause bone loss that causes other teeth to shift or come loose. Moreover, changing the way that you bite or chew could put considerable strain on your teeth. Replacing missing teeth will allow you to avoid damaging other teeth. For help with dental implants Parker CO, reach out to a dental care provider who can offer you affordable and high-quality implants.

2. Treat Bruxism

If you suffer from bruxism, be sure to wear a nightguard consistently. Nighttime grinders who don’t wear a guard can wear down or even break teeth. If you grind continually throughout the day, try to be more conscientious about grinding and clenching. Getting in the habit of holding your tongue in a different position may help you relax your jaw more. People with more severe bruxism may benefit from TMJ treatments or injection therapy.

3. Correct Your Teeth’s Alignment

Even if you’ve had orthodonture, your teeth’ alignment may change over time. Bone loss from tooth loss or pressure on your teeth from bruxism can cause problems with alignment. Alignment changes tend to be progressive. Once one tooth moves, a chain reaction may start. Wearing clear aligners will correct the issue and prevent it from getting worse.

Good oral care and restorative intervention can keep your smile looking great. Addressing dental issues early in their development may make it possible to preserve your smile for years to come.

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3 Things You Can Do to Preserve Your Smile

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