8 Ways How to Clean a Diamond Ring

How to Clean a Diamond Ring

Jewelry does not play the most important, but rather important, aesthetic role in a person’s life. Therefore, they must look perfect.

Professional jewelers advise cleaning jewelry at least twice a year. There are many ways to clean a piece of jewelry or Diamond Ring efficiently and effectively. Below are some of the most common and effective ones. Most of them are available at home using ordinary improvised means.


8 Ways to Clean a Diamond Ring


1.      Cleaning with a Soft Cloth

This is the simplest and easiest option. All you need is a small piece of suede, felt, or velor. If you don’t have the right material on hand, you can use any soft cloth. Then, intensively rubbing the product, polish it to a shine. The whole procedure, depending on the contamination, will take from 5 to 15 minutes. In jewelry stores, you can buy special jewelry wipes, ideal for periodic preventive cleaning and polishing of a diamond ring.


2.      Cleaning with Soapy Water

Another method that is available to everyone and does not require special tools. It is necessary to dilute a little laundry soap in warm water. Toilet or cosmetic use is undesirable, as it may contain various chemical additives that can interfere with bringing the ring to its proper form. Then the diamond ring should be immersed in soapy water and kept there for 2-3 hours. During this time, dirt or grease accumulated in the frame will soften and can be removed with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Then wipe the product with a soft cloth.


3.      Cleaning with the Ammonia Solution

By itself, ammonia is a very good cleaning agent, but too active. Therefore, to prevent the clouding of the stone, an aqueous ammonia solution of low concentration should be prepared (approximately, a teaspoon per glass of water). Then you need to place the ring in a container with liquid for half an hour. After the allotted time has elapsed, remove the product and blot with a cotton pad or absorbent cloth. After removing excess moisture, the jewelry must be polished with suede, felt, or a special jewelry napkin.


4.      Peeling with Onion Juice

The simplest and most easily accessible way. It requires one onion and a soft polishing cloth. Cut the onion, rub the ring thoroughly with the juice that comes out and leave for a couple of hours. After that, the jewelry should be thoroughly rinsed with warm water and polished with a cloth.


A similar manipulation can be performed using lemon juice.


5.      Cleaning with Toothpaste

When using tooth powder or paste to tidy up the diamond ring, you should pay attention to their characteristics. Whitening agents contain an abrasive that can damage the ring, leaving small scratches on its surface. Using a soft toothbrush, the paste is foamed and applied to the jewelry. After gentle cleansing, the jewel is rinsed with warm water, wiped, and polished with a cloth.


6.      Jewelry and Alcohol

An interesting way of processing diamond jewelry is offered by the jewelers themselves. Experts say that if you dip the ring in pure alcohol and then wipe it with a soft cloth, the stone will shine, and the gold will shine like new. This method is good in that, according to reviews, it gives an excellent result and does not spoil either stone or metal.


7.      Cola Ring Treatment

The unique chemical properties of the refreshing drink are legendary. Its anti-corrosion and cleaning qualities are so good that they can be used in various spheres of life, including jewelry. The folk craftsmen, inexhaustible for invention, experimented and made sure that a diamond ring immersed in a caustic liquid for half an hour shines and sparkles like new.


ATTENTION! Often you should not use this method of cleaning – the liquid is too aggressive.


8.      Lipstick Cleaning

This method has been known for many years and is very popular. Lipstick contains titanium dioxide, which is the most important jewelry cleanser. To make a gold ring with a diamond look new and sparkling, you need to either apply a little cosmetic product on a cotton pad or a cloth napkin and just wipe the jewelry.


Diamond Ring Care Tips

So that the gold and silver jewelry inlaid with stones does not fade, do not become coated with a bloom, and do not acquire a grayish tint, it is necessary to follow some rules for their care.


First, when performing work involving immersion of hands in water (washing, washing dishes, or wet cleaning), the jewelry should be removed to prevent exposure to chemical detergents and to prevent mechanical damage.


Secondly, you should avoid contact with the jewelry with hand creams, as gold can become covered with ugly whitish spots, and silver can turn black.


Thirdly, it is recommended to always keep precious accessories in cases or boxes, where they will be protected from moisture and ultraviolet radiation, which can negatively affect the color brightness of some gemstones.


Summing up

There are many tools for cleaning jewelry. But the main advice for the care of jewelry can be considered the wish of a careful attitude to them.


8 Ways How to Clean a Diamond Ring

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