6 Hobbies That Are Great for Your Brain

Hobbies That Are Great for Your Brain

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your brain or wanting to start a new hobby? Taking part in any hobby can have benefits for your mental health and stimulate your brain, but some activities, in particular, have been shown to have significant positive effects and even reverse signs of aging. Here we offer six hobbies for relaxation with benefits for your brain.

1. Playing a Musical Instrument


Science has shown that playing an instrument or singing can improve many brain functions such as memory, problem-solving and pattern recognition. This is because playing an instrument requires that both sides of the brain work together, making neural connections between the two and increasing gray matter. Although many people learn an instrument when they’re young, you can learn at any time in your life and get the same benefits. Consider starting piano or guitar lessons in Elizabeth NJ or getting involved in a local band.

2. Learning a New Language


Similar to playing an instrument, learning a language improves cognitive function by utilizing various parts of the brain and increasing the volume of gray matter. Learning a new language forces your brain to respond to and interpret different sounds, effectively having to distinguish and sort the sounds pertaining to the new language compared to your current one. There are several great tools available to help you start learning, such as phone applications and online programs.

3. Exercising in Your Own Way

Getting regular exercise is clearly great for your physical health, but it’s beneficial for your brain as well because it increases blood blow. Science has also shown that when you exercise, your body produces a certain protein that improves memory and focus. While any exercise will work, making a hobby of it requires that you find an exercise you actually enjoy. For example, playing a group sport has the added benefit of improving critical thinking skills, and yoga can improve mindfulness.

4. Dancing


The slogan “Movement is life” was not invented for nothing. Dancing classes not only improve mood and support physical activity but also improve brain function, scientists are sure.

Recently, experts from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York conducted a study in which they found out that dancing has a positive effect on brain function. The study involved retirees who devoted several hours a week to dancing.

It turned out that this hobby improved people’s memory, since memorizing dance movements constantly stimulated the brain. Also, dancing classes helped make decisions faster and more calmly respond to different life situations.

5. Board Games


Chess is considered the most intelligent game of all time, and this is not without reason. Playing chess is like mathematics: it develops analytical skills and teaches you to reason, calculating your actions in advance.

By playing chess at least a few times a month, you improve your memory and also train your brain.

In addition to chess, there are other modern board games that can be played by the company: word-building games, strategy board games, and collective brain games.

Such a pastime will not only appeal to any team but also have a positive effect on the work of the brain, scientists say.

6. Reading


Relaxing in the evening with an interesting book is a great way to exercise your brain. Reading, we not only learn new information but also train visual memory. While reading, you also visualize events from the book, this activates your brain and develops your imagination.

Researchers at the University of York in Toronto have found that people who read fiction often have more developed emotional intelligence and better understand other people.

And for brain training, it doesn’t matter what kind of literature you prefer: love stories or science fiction. The main thing is to constantly keep your brain activity in good shape, experts advise.

Don’t hesitate to start a new hobby. These activities aren’t just a way to pass the time; they can even be a way to improve your health and your brain’s functioning.

6 Hobbies That Are Great for Your Brain

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