How Is Medical Coil Winding Evolving The Medical Industry In 2023?

How Is Medical Coil Winding Evolving The Medical Industry In 2023

Micro coil devices are slowly gaining a lot of prominence. With the growing demand for the miniaturized devices, the demand for medical coil winding has increased too. There are numerous medical applications for micro coil medical devices. Be it within the therapeutic industry or drug delivery, micro coil devices have found an application. And this is owing to the smaller size and better performance of these devices.

Now, if we delve deeper into the technology, we will be reading further about the type of material used in micro coil devices. Moreover, we will also learn about how a new technology has improved the medical coil winding scenario.

Characteristics Of The Material Selected For Medical Coil Winding

The manufacturing of medical devices mostly takes place using aluminum, copper, chromium and other such metals. It is very important to maintain quality standard since they are being used for medical applications. The materials being used are generally very thin, thinner than the size of a human hair. Reliability and durability are very important when selecting the material, which is a reason why copper makes the cut.

Some of the other qualities that need to be looked into while selecting the material for micro coil winding are:

  1. Metals should not be corrosive in nature.
  2. They should not react chemically with any substance within the human body.
  3. Materials should be selected in such a way that it results in a reduction of the manufacturing cost.
  4. The purity of the metals should be relatively high.

Modern Challenge In Micro Coil Winding & Its Solution

Considering that the thickness of the wires is very small, the major challenge of micro coil winding lies with the integration. Integrating it within the microwave devices might lead to chemical reaction, thus formation of the metal oxides. Traditional soldiering methods often don’t work due to its reaction with the heat.

This is the reason why an alternative has to be found out. Thermo compression bonding is one such alternative. Under extremely high pressure, there is molecular amalgamation between the different components of the micro coil. Resulting in a more reliable solution, they offer the best for the micro coil industry.

Let us look at some of the advantages of this method:

  1. Reduction in the noise and strain at connections.
  2. Sensitive materials and sites are not damaged since the production process is safe.
  3. Very less chance of oxidation since it’s a highly reliable process.
  4. Mass production is a possibility that major reduction in costs due to economies of scale.
  5. The entire process is an automated process, hence chances of human error reduced.

Medical Coil Winding: Bright Future For Micro Coil Devices

There is a bright future when it comes to micro coil devices. Considering the current growth rate of 5% year on year, the micro coil devices market is growing to swell up considerably. Under such a situation, medical coil winding will always have a potential for earning more revenue. The entire process becomes quite integral to the medical device industry, which makes it a hot-cake for the devices domain.

How Is Medical Coil Winding Evolving The Medical Industry In 2023?

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