How MCU Movies has Changed Hollywood Forever

MCU Movies

Superheroes movies have been around for decades. But when it came to Marvel world, it was more than just spandex-clad escapism. With heroes of all time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe shaped a way for others to follow. The studios have propelled the characters to greater popularity, leading to some movies ranking high among Marvel zombies.

People love Marvel superheroes and feel connected with them, making it safe for movie developers to keep their consistency.

No wonder Disney eyed Iron man after its first year of release and decided to buy Marvel in 2009 for $4billion.

Marvel has changed the way people watch movies, and the impact it has on Hollywood will be felt for years to come.

Just as Feige says that the sky’s the limit, Marvel studios have risen to greater heights to bring a change in Hollywood forever. And in fact, how different creative minds came up to bring out the thrillers is breathtaking. 

The Marvel universe is all about change. And though Hollywood has been on for some years, it needed something like Marvel, which allowed its characters to grow irrespective of color or gender.

Those who have watched all MCU movies in order can tell that the now flamboyant and biggest franchise started low, with underdog heroes such as Tony Stark wearing a super-suit and later turning into one of the most admired heroes in Hollywood.

This brings us to the question of how did Marvel change Hollywood?

Come along with me to explore what led to this significant change or what was done differently to make Marvel Universe be on top of the playing field.

Use of post-credit scenes

Are viewers thrilled to see what comes after a movie rather than the movie itself?

It’s all about post-credit scenes that set up a stinger, and everyone is ready for the next escapade. The culture created by the Marvel world using post-credit scenes has changed how people view blockbuster films. One of the examples comes from Marvel’s Eternals which has two post-credit scenes that seem to have a significant role in the MCU future.

The post-credit scenes act to link or join one film’s event to another planned in the future. MCU has ensured that the post-credit-scenes are likely to endure in the future.

PG-13 Rating

After the Avengers: Endgame, what did viewers expect, more violent films? 

For any Marvel fan that has been watching the films in its past ten years, one would note a lot of violence. 

Heroes like Hulk would just be seen tearing others in half, or heroes such as Captain America would tear someone on the chest; this is not expected any time soon. These were Marvel’s characters that the MPAA would never accredit for the PG-13 rating.

The Marvel universe has now dwelled on the PG-13 lane, and this has brought great change.

Storytelling style

Marvel’s storytelling has dramatically changed. One great example is Wanda Vision. Before, movies were action-filled, but Wanda’s vision changed through some favorite sitcoms. The film takes viewers right from the simple living and how ordinary life events are carried out.

They seem to carry something more meaningful than one would think. For instance, there was the crossover between Wanda, the real world, and the world in which she lived.

It was expected that more would be unveiled, and Wanda would eventually be out of control regardless of what she thought she could manage. However, she has come up with a perfect reality of how they could live with Visions.

Towards the end, viewers are left with a memorable dramatic cameo.

The competitive casting

Any actor chosen by Marvel must have proven to be best. Arranging a universe of talent is not easy. However, Marvel’s success has made it one of the best Hollywood great forces.

One example is how Scarlett Johansson was made an action star. Within no time, the character has become one of the most admired fans.

Choosing characters didn’t happen overnight; sometimes, it was dicey. For instance, Robert Downey proved to be a risky choice for Iron man. Others who were fit for the job were victims of substance abuse.

Finn has been behind all the casting work. He has been on the job since MCU kicked off as Iron man in 2008. He has some of the best talents of our generations, such as Mark Ruffalo, the Ulk, Robert Downey JR, and many more

The paradigm shift in media

Marvel has not been left out in its expansion. Instead, it has embraced television goodies to broaden its themes and characters.

Not only can one find Marvel on film screens, but they are also available on televisions, not forgetting the use of cartoons, games, etc. Also, things such as the introduction of a Black hero brought in lots of questions on what it means to be a hero. Marvel has taken on a new approach that has made it a Hollywood changer.

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How MCU Movies has Changed Hollywood Forever

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