How to Create Natural Looking Lash Extensions for Your Clients

Lash Extension

Lash Extensions give your client’s natural lashes more length and volume, making them seem fuller and thicker. Without putting in any effort to apply cosmetics, the appropriate extensions may make people feel gorgeous. But what if your customers don’t want very lengthy or dramatic lash extensions?

It may surprise lash artists all across the globe, but not every customer wants a dramatic lash look. We know, it’s insane! But it occurs more frequently than we think. When a customer requests natural-looking lash extensions, we need to know precisely how to create that appearance. When designing natural eyelash extensions, there are a few things to keep in mind!

How to make natural-appearing lash extensions

The customer obtains a natural, yet more expressive appearance if the job with a natural impact was done appropriately. Artificial hairs applied with care will enhance the beauty of the client’s eyes. The substance utilized looks just like our natural lashes. Even the closest friends and family members will be unable to tell that the eyelashes were applied by a professional. Even if they notice the difference, they won’t be able to tell what has changed.

The natural lashes’ allure is kept. If a new client is hesitant about getting a fresh set of eyelash extensions because she is concerned about looking artificial, you may emphasize that using a natural application approach will prevent this. The natural eyelash extension treatment is often referred to as “classic” by many cosmetic salons. It preserves natural volume since it is a replication of the normal development and arrangement of eyelashes. A particular plan and the usage of synthetic hair of various lengths may be used to produce the traditional appearance. The most professional choice is to choose a synthetic eyelash length that is comparable to the real hair length and the form of the eye. There is no other kit that is as comprehensive as the Toxin Rid kit.


Natural eyelashes in the inner region of the eye are around 6 mm long on average. Eyelash extensions of 7-8 mm should be used in this spot. Natural eyelashes are extended, and extensions of 8-9mm are applied along the lash line on a 6mm long natural hair. Artificial hair should never be very long since this will make it seem unnatural. From the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, the length of the extensions is enhanced. For a natural lash appearance, a trained technician may apply up to five lengths of eyelash extensions. The most typical lengths are 7 to 14 millimeters.

Eyelash extension guidelines:

Step by step instructions for a natural-looking eyelash extension work

  1. Analyzing is the first step. Which length, thickness, and density are you looking for? Did the customer previously use eyelash extensions? What are your preferences? All of this information is required for proper material, adhesive, and method selection.
  2. The pre-work is the second phase. It includes removing cosmetics from the skin of the eyelids with an eyelash cleanser and priming the eyelashes with a primer. A patch must be used to separate the lower lashes from the higher ones.
  3. A specific eyelash extension tweezer is used to connect each eyelash extension.
  4. Eyelash extension adhesive is used to secure the false lashes in place. The comfort of the customer is directly proportional to how tightly the synthetic hairs are bonded to the ciliary edge. Artificial hairs must be applied with a spacing of roughly 0.5-1 mm from the eyelash development line to avoid causing pain.

A high level of eyelash technician certification is essential to get the ideal natural eyelash extensions outcome. Also, suggest to your client that she included one of the Best Eyelash Serums into her face care routine.

Requesting Natural Lashes

When it comes to attaining a natural eyelash extension appearance, new lash customers may be unclear about what to ask for. Consider providing the following recommendations to assist your client prepare for their lash session and arrive prepared with all the information they’ll need to achieve their desired lash look:

Begin by doing research. Clients may use Instagram to examine past lash styles and pick an example of the look they want. If you’ve put out an online portfolio of your work, you may provide them with the Web address so they can see your amazing lash talents.

What tools do you have? If your place is equipped with every kind of lash imaginable, tell your customers that the sky’s the limit.

Allow yourself to be questioned! Your customer, who is new to the world of natural eyelash extensions, is certain to have some questions and will want to learn more about the procedure. Be patient and do your best to answer their queries so they feel at ease and eager to dive into the lash world.

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How to Create Natural Looking Lash Extensions for Your Clients

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