How to Cut a Boys Haircuts Style At Home

Boys Haircuts

It is important that you know how to cut your kid’s hair at home as the barber could not be available at all times. Learning a few steps on how to make a perfect haircut can help reduce the money used on a barber. A kid’s haircut is very simple to make as there are no complex or fashionable patterns required.

When cutting a kid’s hair, stick to a simple cut and do not attempt to try different styles if you are not a professional. The following is an easy procedure to use when cutting a boys haircuts at home. Read on to learn more.

1. Preparation

Adequate preparation is necessary in ensuring that you have all the tools you need within reach before the process begins. Gather all the necessary tools and supplies required prior to the exercise.

Some of the things you need are;

  • Comb
  • Clippers
  • A pair of scissors
  • A towel
  • Old newspapers
  • Clipper blades

You should also gather all the necessary supplies required for the cleaning of the child’s hair like shampoo, moisturizer, and a soft brush.

2. Clean The Hair

Before you begin shaving to cut your boys haircuts, it is important to ensure that the hair is washed thoroughly. Clean both the hair and the scalp to ensure that they are free from any dirt and grease which can make shaving difficult.

Washing the hair also helps to put the hair into its natural state which is easier to shave as there are no hair products holding it. Use the comb to remove any tangles on the hair to allow the clippers to penetrate easily.

3. Make The Cut

Before you begin shaving, place the old newspapers on the floor of the area where the shaving will be taking place. This prevents the dirt from scattering all over the floor and it also assists in cleaning as all you have to do is roll the newspapers.

Loosely wrap the towel on the child’s neck to prevent hair from falling on their clothes and neck. You can let the hair dry on its own or blow dry it so that the shaving process is made easier.

Using the comb, section the hair into small portions and then trim it off using the pair of scissors on the clippers. When using clippers, the size of the blade that you use is dependent on the size of hair you want your child to have.

Make C-shaped motions using the clippers to ensure that the hair is cut into an even length on the entire head. Have the child lean forward so that you shave the back of the head perfectly. Make a straight line cut on the bottom hairline at the back of the head.

Shave a small section of hair at a time in order to reduce the possibility of making errors. You can try rolling the hair using the comb before trimming it if you want the hair left to have a soft texture. It is important to brush off the hair on the clippers after each shave to remove any hair on it as this can cause uneven hair length.

If you wanted to make a fade on the boys haircuts, you can opt to use a pair of scissors to cut the top section and clippers for the bottom. This helps to eliminate the chances of making errors above the fade line.

4. Finishing And Cleaning Up

Once you are satisfied with the hair length, it is time to do the finishing. Trim the edges to ensure that you attain equal length. Keep the boys haircuts simple by avoiding any complex patterns especially if you are not a professional. Use a soft brush to remove any small hairs that might have been left on the scalp and then wash the child’s head again.

Use an old toothbrush to clean the clippers and do not use water as it can damage it.  Wrap up the newspapers carefully and dispose of them and then vacuum any hairs that could have been left on the floor.

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How to Cut a Boys Haircuts Style At Home

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