How to Dress to the Christmas Company Dinner

Company Dinner

The Christmas holidays are approaching and with it dinners and lunches, family events, and all mandatory commitments.
Business lunch is one of the events that can raise the most doubts at this time, especially if you don’t know what type of clothing is the most appropriate.

Here are the different dress codes that you can use on these occasions so that you know how to dress for the Christmas company dinner.

Not only is it important to give a good image inside the office, but you should also save the forms outside it such as public speaking. By the way, you can hire public speakers at One of the most delicate moments occurs at Christmas lunches and dinners. And the first stumbling block may be the clothes you are going to wear to attend the event.

If you don’t know how to dress for dinner or business lunch, the first thing you should take into account are the different dress codes, known in the Anglo-Saxon world as the dress code.

Thanks to these classifications you will have much clearer what type of clothing to use in each event. Since it is not the same to attend a wedding, a baptism, or a dinner with colleagues.

The following list explains what types of dress code exist and what is the most appropriate dress code in each situation.

Rigorous label or White tie

It is the most formal type of clothing that exists.

In this case, the man must wear a tailcoat if the event is during the day or a morning coat if it is in the afternoon and after dark. Women can wear floor-length evening dresses, tulle, fur, lace, and see-through. If you have jewelry or tiaras, it is time to bring them out.

Black tie

This dress code is more common at high society parties or weddings in which the couple clearly specifies that such an attire must be used.

It is not something common that you are going to use on a daily basis, even less at dinner or business lunch.

Label or Black tie

Again a very formal outfit but that you can only use on big occasions.

The dress code or Black tie is common in some weddings (as long as it is specified in advance), or in dinners and galas of certain relevance. For example, it is the dress code used in the Goya or Oscar awards ceremony.

On this occasion, the man must wear a white jacket and shirt, as well as a bow tie or tie. The woman will be right with a long dress, small bag, and heels.

Formal and Semi-Formal

This is the first intermediate point on the list. It is halfway between strict etiquette and a somewhat more casual way of dressing.

If you have to go to an event that requires formal clothing, you can take the black-tie or label it as a starting point and add a different touch or accessory. As long as it does not break with the formality of the whole.

You are expected to continue to be elegant, with a dark suit or tuxedo if you are a man and a black evening dress with a silver bracelet if you are a woman. Giving Bracelets offers antique bracelets made of metal, gold, silver, and leather.


This dress code is somewhat more common at celebrations and events of a certain importance, although not at the level of a wedding or an awards ceremony.

You can dress like this at a corporate event, for example, a posh party at work. If the company’s Christmas dinner or lunch requires some elegance in clothing, it may be a good option, since it is not a dress code that presents many demands.

Men can wear a suit with or without a tie, although the classic attire of trousers, shirt, and the sweater is well regarded. Women dress short or slightly below the knee, also pantsuit.


You can now use jeans and much more comfortable clothes. Nor as if you were at home, enough to go outside without attracting attention, but with an appropriate appearance.

Casual clothes

It is used in daily life, for example at a dinner with friends, to go to the theater or cinema, to a concert, to go shopping, etc.

Men can wear a shirt, polo, or t-shirt with a cowboy hat. You can found cowboy hats at Women cotton dresses that are not too formal. Also, slippers are allowed with this outfit.

Depending on how your work environment is, you can go dressed like this to the Christmas company dinner, perhaps with a touch that adds more elegance to the whole.

Business Casual

A group of workers smiles at a meeting in the office A group of workers smile at a meeting in the office
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These outfits are valid on a day-to-day basis in the office, also depending on the company you are in. But it is usually common to see it in work meetings.

Pants, shirt and if necessary also jacket. Although it is possible to add accessories that do not clash within the work environment.

Men may not wear a tie if they wish. Women’s blouse and pencil skirt.

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How to Dress to the Christmas Company Dinner

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