How to Find the Best IT Services Near Me

IT Services Near Me

Did you know that human errors are the primary cause of 80% of cybersecurity incidents?

Work stress, lack of training, lax network access, and unclear security protocols are four causes behind disastrous human errors.

Unfortunately, one human error is one error too many in the digital age. Furthermore, the increase of remote work culture is exacerbating human errors and security concerns.

Wherever your company lands on this spectrum, it’s crucial to have an experienced IT specialist by your side. You also need IT help at a moment’s notice.

How do I find IT services near me?

Great question!

Follow this guide to learn which services you need, who to hire, and how to pay for IT.

Which IT Services Near Me Do I Need?

Your first challenge is to clarify your business IT needs. There are several factors to consider when choosing an IT solution.

  • Business size (small, mid-sized, etc.)
  • Number of employees
  • Industry niche
  • Amount of company and customer data
  • Database size
  • Server type
  • Location

Let’s take a closer look at these variables in-depth.

Why Is Business Size Important?

Think about the size of your workforce and customer base. Your company size is a primary indicator of your IT needs.

All businesses, large and small, generate data. A tiny company may be able to manage its data in-house. A solo entrepreneur can also manage their own data with data management tools.

However, medium to enterprise-sized companies have massive databases that make them prime targets for cyberattacks. Not only do these companies worry about outside threats, but they’re more likely to be attacked from within the company.

This data includes:

  • Employee social security numbers
  • Customer/client account information
  • Contact information
  • Credit card numbers and payment info
  • Email addresses
  • Proprietary information
  • Personally identifiable information (PII)
  • Stored passwords
  • Archived data

Sneaky hackers also pose as high-level company personnel to trick employees into sharing sensitive data.

The more employees and customers you have, the easier it is for cybersecurity to fall through the cracks. Your IT specialist must be experienced with mid to enterprise-level cybersecurity.

Why Does My Industry Matter?

Some industries have more high-level security concerns than others.

Industries most at risk for cyberattacks include:

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Utilities
  • Business intelligence
  • Banking and financial institutions
  • Energy
  • Education
  • Military

In-house solutions aren’t enough for these high-security industries. You also need reliable IT support for computer stations, servers, customized operating systems, and smart-powered devices.

Since these industries have more security vulnerabilities, they require a customized IT plan that meets their unique needs. That’s where enterprise-level IT services come into focus.

When researching IT companies in your area, look for industry-specific expertise.

Most specialists provide this information online. If they don’t mention any industries, you can get a feel for their niches from past work. Many companies feature clients on their homepages too.

Remember to include the industry with your Google search. For example, type “healthcare IT services” in Google to find exactly what you need. Plus, Google features local results first.

Does My Staff Need IT Training?

This next question is frequently overlooked.

No matter how large or small your staff, every member should be trained in basic IT processes.

Processes include:

  • Retail POS operation
  • Customer database updates
  • Emergency shutdown procedures
  • Digital employee timecards
  • Password management
  • Smart-powered business devices

Every business tool has security features.

For example, you would hire an IT specialist to install and troubleshoot employee time software. Employees also need to be trained on this software, including cybersecurity processes like fingerprint locks or facial recognition.

As your workforce grows, software security training can slip under the radar. Look for local IT specialists who also train employees on business software.

Do I Want to Expand My Company?

Workforces surge as companies expand. More profits start rolling in as more cyberthreats pop up. It’s even more critical to have IT support when you’re scaling.

Look for specialists who know how to build IT solutions to scale. You’ll also need a managed IT solution that handles the following processes:

  • Data recovery
  • Data archiving and destruction
  • Network administration
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Cybersecurity surveillance
  • Database management
  • Cloud application management

IT companies also provide secure VoIP services. VoIP stands for “voice over internet protocol.” This software allows phone calls, conference calls, and video calls from network-connected devices.

Sensitive information is easily shared via VoIP. That’s why you need an experienced local expert who can protect VoIP data.

What Do Other Business Owners Have to Say?

There are many local IT solutions out there. Before the internet, you would open a phone book and hope for the best. Today, you have online reviews, testimonials, social media, and local business forums.

Visit popular business review sites like Yelp. Yelpers sound off a lot on customer service, quality, and cost benefits. If they feel they didn’t get their money’s worth, they’ll let the internet know.

Reliability is another big one.

Cyberattacks, system errors, and shutdowns can’t wait. You need a reliable IT specialist who can be on-site at a moment’s notice. To speed up the process, they should handle certain issues remotely without leaving the office.

You should consider a remote solution, as well. How else are you going to get help during off-hours? Your business could get hacked at 3:00 AM.

Talk to your fellow business owners in person too. Meet for lunch and pick their brains about their favorite IT solutions. You could also attend a cybersecurity conference to discover new providers.

Payment models are another big issue.

Ask your business associates about their preferred IT payment models. Some prefer month-to-month tiered plans, while others may prefer a full quote upfront. Consider your business size when choosing an IT payment model too.

Discover a Worry-Free IT Solution

Am I enjoying the best IT services near me?

This is a great question to ask throughout your partnership. Make sure your IT company delivers results consistently.

Remember these factors as you choose the right IT solution. Don’t miss the blog for even more resources for business owners.

How to Find the Best IT Services Near Me

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