How to Get TikTok Followers – 9 Ways

TikTok Followers

Relax: there will be no tips for boosting followers, likes, and comments. This is ineffective and more likely to hurt because TikTok’s algorithms will find your account uninteresting due to low engagement.

We will tell you how to promote your account painlessly and naturally – gain a bunch of followers and broadcast some information to a broad audience, sell something, or take money for advertising.

TikTok is ruled by reach. The more viewers your videos see, the more subscriptions there will be. Therefore, we need to work on both reach and conversion from viewers to the followers.

1.      Shoot More Often, Bigger and Cooler

In theory, you can shoot one video and wait for thousands of followers. But in practice, it doesn’t work that way. At the heart of TikTok is a neural network that is continuously learning. In the first 3-5 videos, the algorithms will look closely at you and decide who might be interested in the video, and evaluate the reaction of people to the content. So, don’t stop – let the algorithm learn so that it can show your videos more and more often in recommendations.

TikTok will first show the video to a small audience and rate the reaction. If all goes well, your videos will continue to be featured in recommendations. And if there were several publications at once, the algorithms determine the segment of the audience that is potentially interested in such content and show them the video first.

Hence Another Tip: Stick to one or more selected formats. There is no need to shoot vines for a week, another – discussions about life, the third – pets. The neural network will go crazy with drastic changes in subject matter and cut natural coverage. It is better to choose one thing: for example, take pictures of gags, or it is interesting to tell stories.

2.      Use New Items

Follow trends and support them – such videos are often included in recommendations. You can record videos with new popular tracks, support challenges, shoot “responses” to clips of popular TikTokers. What will be popular cannot be guessed in advance. Sometimes you can accidentally start a trend if you shoot with a camera, as you slap on the bottom of a dog to rhythmic music.

This is how it works. Someone likes music, and they subscribed to you, someone from the followers of a famous blogger will see your “reply” to him and also subscribe to you. And for some, the challenge will seem attractive. Guess what he’ll do?

3.      Follow Hashtags

Hashtags on TikTok are as popular as on Instagram, and possibly more. They can and should be used to get additional coverage. Check out the popular hashtags section, use them, or come up with your own.

When choosing popular hashtags, keep in mind that the content must be relevant. Show a parrot’s butt under the hashtag #makeup – not only viewers but also TikTok’s algorithms will not understand you.

4.      Encourage to Subscribe and Like

Believe it or not, it still works. A person might like a video, but they forget to follow you. And you will lose a potential follower. But if viewers fail to click on the heart, you will lose reach. Remember: the more reactions a video gets, the more often the algorithms show it in recommendations.

You can call to subscribe to a channel or like it in different ways. Remind about this at the end of each video or use effects that highlight the subscribe and like buttons. Or even to release videos dedicated only to subscriptions and likes.

5.      Chat in the Comments

Comment activity is another marker for TikTok’s algorithms that audiences like your videos. Therefore, try to support her in every possible way. It’s best to answer each one at first to keep the conversation going. And then, when there are too many followers and comments, you can click “like” under the top comments – this way, you show that you read them and communicate with the audience. The main thing is not to repeat the mistakes of brands.

By the way, you can raise activity in the comments in the video itself or the caption to it:

  • ask a provocative question or ask viewers for their opinion;
  • start some action with simple questions.

For example, invite viewers to talk about the objects with which they will fight off zombies: name the thing that lies on the right. Or ask them to upload the second and fifth of the commonly used emoticons in the comments to describe the reaction to the news about the coronavirus. It works because the answers are fun, dumb, and enjoyable: people will want to laugh at themselves and others.

6.      Subscribe to the Accounts of Others

On TikTok, as before on Instagram, reciprocal followings work well – you follow someone, and he subscribes in return.

But for mutual subscriptions to be effective, look for bloggers with a small audience, up to about 1,000 people. They often look at who subscribed to them and click the plus sign in response. Bloggers-millionaires will not even pay attention to the next subscription alert.

Don’t overuse it. You will not always be reciprocated, and a bunch of incomprehensible videos in an individual tape is not needed.

7.      Conduct Draws

TikTok’s algorithms so far provide free natural reach – showing your videos not only to followers but also to other people in recommendations. And you have a chance to interest them.

The colder the prize, the more motivated people to subscribe. But keep in mind that after the end of the drawing, there may be massive unsubscriptions. Therefore, it is better to attract an interested audience initially. For example, if you are shooting a video about cycling, offer a sports bike as a prize. Those who are not very interested in the topic will not subscribe to you.

In general, rallies can be made a good tradition. For example, if you make a subscription, like, and comment on a condition of participation, you will consistently receive high audience engagement.

8.      Buy Ads

Yes, it costs money. But it is useful, especially if you correctly calculate how much to pay a blogger and order advertising from a popular Tiktoker. He will release the next video, and your account will be tagged in the description. Some viewers will follow the tag and subscribe.

Of course, there are no guarantees. You pay here for the fact of posting, not for a certain number of followers. Therefore, look at the activity – if a blogger has a million followers, and videos gain a measly 100-200 thousand views, 500-5000 likes, and a couple of comments, this is a reason to think seriously.

By the way, you can advertise your account for free. Find a person who has about the same number of followers as you and offer him mutual PR. You tag him, and he tags you.

9.      Link TikTok to Other Social Networks

If you develop accounts on other social networks, use the integration with them. In your TikTok profile, you can link to your YouTube channel and Instagram profile so that your audience will follow you there as well. And on Facebook and other sites, you can announce the release of new videos on TikTok. If you don’t have time to do all of this then you can buy TikTok followers if required. Many websites provide these kinds of services.
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How to Get TikTok Followers – 9 Ways

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