How to Impress at an Online Job Interview


Due to CoViD-19 restrictions, many companies have moved all their operations online. Unfortunately, this meant that hiring managers now also conduct interviews through the Internet.

This shift has caused interviewers and job seekers alike to adjust to a whole new arena. Online interview tech requirements could be quite different from what we’re used to.

But don’t worry. Although many things have changed, the essence of an interview is still the same. Here are a few tips on how you could impress at your next online interview:

Master your tools

You can never be too prepared, especially if it’s your first time interviewing online. Before the interview, the company should let you know what platform you will use on the day. Some common examples are Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype.

Download the necessary software a few days beforehand and practice making calls. Familiarize yourself with the interface and explore the different options. Have you connected your camera and microphone? Do you know how to turn them on or off?

This will soothe some of your interview jitters. If you feel comfortable with your tools, you can focus more on the interview. Instead of fumbling with the different commands, you have more room for confidence.

Set up your shot

Think of an online interview as a mini-production. Since all interviewers can see is what your camera shows, you have to make those pixels count.

Turn on your camera. What can you see? The first thing you will need is a professional background. Pick a nice spot in your home that isn’t too distracting.

You can do it in front of a bookcase, some nice room decor, or even a plain wall. You will be the focus, but backgrounds are an excellent way to showcase some of your personality.

Next is your lighting. Depending on your interview’s time of day, you might get away with using natural light. But, it’s always good to have a lamp or ring light by your side. This is especially useful if your interview will happen in the afternoon or evening.

Make sure you dress appropriately. You are still up for a job interview, after all. So, you want to come across as reliable and professional. You might be at home, but it’s best if you ditch the sweatpants for a bit and look smart during the interview. Even online, first impressions still count.

We want our online interviews to feel as much like real life as possible. We want to see each other and communicate clearly. So, we do our best to cut any technical issues that might affect communication.

Connect with your interviewer

Last but not least, connect with your interviewer. This is an essential skill that also applies to in-person interviews. But how do you do this when all you’re facing is a screen?

This is where active listening comes in. Think of your camera as your interviewer’s eye and make “eye contact”. Your camera has a limited view, so try to keep your posture and stay within the frame.

Since only your head and shoulders are visible, pay attention to your body language. Sit up straight and make your body language exude interest and confidence. Nod and smile appropriately.

Speak as you would in an in-person interview. Do your research about the company to understand its culture and values. Tailor your answers to highlight your experience and enthusiasm.

Want to impress your interviewers further? Check out these killer interview questions to ask employers. With tips coming from Canada’s top hiring firm, you can never go wrong. Good luck!

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How to Impress at an Online Job Interview

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