How to Make a Corporate Video to Sell

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A corporate video to sell is a vital way for any brand. This type of content gives the possibility to increase the coverage and diffusion of the brand, reaching and involving more and more potential customers.

You may not know, but creating a corporate sales video converts up to 80% more than other media. In this article, you will find out why investing in creating a corporate video to sell is worthwhile.

What is a corporate video to sell

Corporate videos to sell are multimedia presentations explicitly designed to promote a product, discounts or benefits for the user, an event, offers, but also the philosophy of the brand itself.

The goal of this tool, as we will see, is to attract new customers or consolidate historical ones through content that is as dynamic as possible, consistent with the corporate mission and that stimulates the curiosity of the beholder.

Features of a good corporate video

That said, what makes a corporate video to sell truly performant? To work well, a corporate product explanatory video must not saturate the user with information. Its purpose must be only one: to sell.

This is why these contents must be short and impactful to remain etched in the viewer’s memory and implant the idea that his needs could be satisfied by purchasing that product. To do this, you can choose different narrative styles and registers based on the brand in question and the product you want to sponsor.

You can opt for an epic and inspirational style, as Nike has always done, but you can also think of building a fun video so that it goes viral.

What are the benefits?

Choosing to make a corporate video to increase sales is equivalent to renewing your showcase, especially since these contents have much more visibility in the digital age than 20 or 30 years ago. For example, to get the most out of it, you can upload the company presentation video on YouTube and the company’s social pages. Here are two very important benefits of a corporate video for sale:

1. Improve brand awareness

Through a corporate sales video, companies are able to develop a relationship with their target audience based on the affinity of purpose and mutual trust.

This is very important because, in the long run, it will make your brand recognizable and therefore immediately associated with specific values shared with your audience.

The fact that you provide services or products online to meet specific needs while respecting the beliefs of those users will therefore lead them to choose you rather than a competing brand.

A phenomenon that is anything but immediate and which in psychology is referred to as a shareholder relationship: the public manages to know and trust a brand without ever meeting those who represent it in person but in the name of shared values.

For example, the commercial created by Coca-Cola for Christmas 2020 celebrates the brand’s values, such as family and sharing, declining them to the particular historical moment in which a gesture for loved ones, often far away due to Covid-19, can really make a difference.

2. Increase conversions

A corporate video for sale helps increase conversions if done well. This requires a preliminary study, such as the target, the gender, the habits, and the users’ country.

Based on these characteristics, combined with the type of product you want to sell, it is possible to create a video that, as we have said, can be uploaded not only to YouTube but also to social networks. In fact, the videos for Instagram and Facebook respond to the kind of immediacy that the average user seeks nowadays and give the content greater visibility.

An example? We think of the launch of the iPhone 12 Pro, for which Apple has created a series of videos that specifically illustrate all the features of the new device from the apple house. Each corporate presentation video was shared on YouTube, but also on Instagram and Facebook.

How to make a corporate sales video

Before starting to create a corporate sales video, it is good to dwell on a few details. First of all, what do you want to sell? This is very important because a video for a specific product or the brand, in general, starts from the same assumptions, but they must be developed in a different way.

As we have said, the target is also a crucial aspect. For example, by creating a commercial that focuses only on the brand, you can have the opportunity to engage a wider audience, while sponsoring a certain product may not always be the case.

The well-known computer brand HP has created an exciting commercial that aims to convey the brand’s values, but each product is then sponsored individually for the most diverse reasons: from the price to the features. Therefore, you will understand that making a corporate video that sells is a complex process in which proven skills need to be balanced.

If you intend to make an investment that brings concrete results over time, we would like to advise you against all those tutorials that you can find online. Such as “free company presentation video” or “how to make a do-it-yourself company presentation video.”

In this way, you will be able to have a constant dialogue with the team, agreeing with them on every detail of the video to enhance your brand’s characteristics to the maximum. How is all this done specifically? Here are some tips.

1. Collecting materials

In this preliminary phase, the video is planned by identifying its objectives, message and idea. The goal is to create a draft (even a few lines) that already conveys the essence of the video. In doing so, it is important to take into account what the characteristics of the movie should be:

  • Immediacy in providing a solution;
  • Reduced duration;
  • Consistency with the brand philosophy;
  • Target oriented.

2. Shape the idea

Once you have identified the starting idea that will be the fulcrum of the corporate sales video, you continue giving it a shape. This depends greatly on the type of story you want to tell, the tone you will use and the form adopted.

For example, many brands choose influencers to present products, while others opt for an informative style. The goal is to identify the right way to tell the product or the brand so that the public feels enticed to use the services offered.

For example, if you want users to buy multiple copies of a band’s album, you can opt for a CTA that invites them to register to get the limited edition album. Also, it is advisable to work on a script and a storyboard at the same time to have a precise idea of how the video should take shape during the production phase.

3. Maximum post-production

Filming is over. Now what? The video is not finished yet because it needs to go through post-production, a crucial phase to work on the details that it was impossible to achieve or emphasize during the shooting.

There are music and graphic elements that are inserted in particular ways to capture the viewer’s attention. Last is the color grading that allows you to work on color to ensure that the video is consistent with your message and with the image of the brand itself.

How much does a corporate video cost

When you choose to invest, such as creating a corporate video to sell, it is right to be aware of the costs. Obviously, there is no standard price for the creation of this type of content.

Much depends on the type of processing: therefore, on the duration, on the involvement or not of talent (such as influencers or famous actors), on the use of copyrighted music, but also on the interventions to be carried out in post-production.

For example, if you want to make a video in stop motion, it doesn’t mean that it costs less than a video starring a famous actress. Our advice is to set aside a budget and already have an idea of what you would like to see on screen.


In conclusion, we can therefore say that creating a corporate sales video can really make a difference for your brand. As we have seen, this tool offers you a wide range of advantages: first of all, reaching new customers and consolidating trust with those who already choose you.

It is no coincidence that a corporate video to sell is, in effect, an investment for your brand, whether you want to launch a specific product, an offer, or the brand itself with all its products. For this reason, it is important to take care of every little aspect of the video, involving a team of professionals who will know how to make the most of your products through the right shots and captivating editing.

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How to Make a Corporate Video to Sell

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