How To Organize Kid’s Toys

How To Organize Kid’s Toys

Your children have so many toys that it’s taking over your living room and maybe even your entire house.

So much clutter, so many toys. How can you possibly ever keep it all organized?

It takes a little work to create a fun, functional storage system, but you, your kids (and your Lego-bruised feet) will thank you.

If you’re looking for storage ideas for your children’s beloved play things, look no further.

From rotating toys to an effective way of storing those darn messy puzzles, here’s how to organize your kid’s toys in a way that brings everyone in the family peace – and all the pieces.

Start With Less Stuff

One of the best things you can do first is get rid of toys your child no longer wants, so you’ll have more room for storage and less mess.

The most eco-friendly way to do this is to donate or sell them.

See if a fellow parent or caregiver could use a few new toys that your child no longer plays with.

By downsizing the number of toys that are out, your child will be more likely to pick one and play with it longer.

More toys equal more distractions. Oh, something different!

Rotate Between Toys

You’re not alone if the sight of all your kid’s toys all the time makes you boil inside. It’s just so much stuff!

One way to fix this toy overload is to rotate between toys that your child plays with.

Leave a few of the “staple toys” your child always gravitates towards, like their favorite block set and baby doll, then choose several not-as-played-with options.

Box up the rest and rotate every few weeks.

Again, with fewer toys out in the playroom, your kids will be able to play more deeply and for longer with the ones they’ve got.

How To Organize Kid’s Toys

Label Boxes, Bins, And Containers

Yes, you could toss random toys in random bins and call it a day, but that’s not organizing. And today, you want to organize your kid’s toys.

Use a label maker or stick-on labels to name the contents in each toy bin.

By keeping your child’s playthings labeled, you’ll no longer need to open every bin and rummage around, and thus cause more chaos than what you started with.

If you are storing toy bins and boxes in a closet, think about using a labeling system.

Store Similar Toys Together

Storing similar toys together helps you think of where a missing toy could be in a snap, and it helps your little tike boost their problem-solving skills as well.

For example, keep the small toys on one shelf (like Army men and figurines) and larger toys like their dinosaur collection on the upper shelf. Puzzles and board games each have their own space.

Use Toy Bin Organizers

A toy bin organizer is a worthy investment if you want to keep your kid’s toys neatly put away and free up some space in your home.

There are tons of different options available, so don’t think you’re limited to primary colors and plastic!

Bring Out The Baskets

Baskets are a chic way to organize your kid’s toys. Not only do they hide all the stuff, but they double as decor too.

Many baskets also have lids, so they can be an easy hiding spot for toys and plushies.

Put Puzzles In Pouches

Puzzles and their missing pieces cause mayhem. One of the best ways to organize puzzles is by storing them in pouches.

Zippered pouches are perfect for developing little fingers to use.

Yes, wire racks are popular, but those topple over, and the pieces can still go flying!

Have A Hammock For Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals may be soft and squishy to your child, but a sight for sore eyes for you. Instead, try storing stuffed animals in a hanging hammock in your child’s playroom.

You can also buy unfilled bean bag chairs (search for “stuffed animal bean bag storage”) to stuff with plushies.

Many kids love the bean bags because they also serve as fun, DIY chairs.

Store Toys Where Your Child Can Reach

While organizing, ensure the toys you’re leaving out are within your child’s reach. This is why toy bin organizers and floor baskets are so prevalent in playrooms.

That doesn’t mean you need to put away the Ikea shelves; it just means each shelf should display non-playable trinkets and art on top, safely outside your baby’s grasp.

Your child may have so many toys, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be organized and stay that way. Tidying up children’s toys can be pretty challenging. Still, these 9 organization tips should help you set up for success and keep your kid’s toys organized for good.

What tip would you add to keep a messy house clean from toy clutter? Share in the comments below!


Kris McCormick is a boy mama, wife, and blogger. Since becoming a mom six years ago, she’s been researching the best advice, resources, and baby gear from small businesses to make pregnancy and child-raising easier for all parents.

How To Organize Kid’s Toys

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