How to Stay Consistent and Focused while Studying for UPSC?

Studying for UPSC

The key to success is consistency. Like any other walk of life, this adage stands true even in your IAS preparation. As time and again it is stressed upon by our team Legacy IAS Academy that how important it is to revise and reread what has been taught. There is a glitch that every candidate faces in their preparation some time or other. Sitting with books for hours is not a problem what stagnates the efficiency of students is sit with books every day with the same zeal and productivity.

Here in this article, we as Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore would like to help aspirants with the biggest hurdle that comes in their preparation which is inconsistency. First of all, let us understand why in fact students need to study regularly.

The syllabus of UPSC is considerably vast. It is a mere daydream to clear UPSC without covering the entire syllabus at least three times. Being said that, an average human’s capability is to study for a maximum of 8-10 hours a day provided the effectiveness of the routine. But even with that speed, it will at least take almost a year for a student to cover the entire syllabus. In such a case, aspirants must develop a habit of being consistent with their preparation.

How to Stay Consistent?

We as Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka, try to address this issue of our students by conducting regular doubt sessions and end to end interactive classes. We try to bring out the participative instincts of our students so that nobody is left behind. Also, the weekly and monthly assignments and test series are designed by keeping in mind the course of the syllabus. As the students’ progress from foundational concepts to advanced learning, the level of our questions elevates thereby. Making sure that the rhythm of students doesn’t get hampered.

So, one of the wisest options to maintain the flow of your preparation is to subscribe to the weekly and monthly test series. Our institute’s courses are specially handpicked by our tutors to suit the need of each and every individual aspirant. Our integrated test series makes us a leading UPSC Coaching in Bangalore.

Few other ways suggested by the mentors of Best IAS Academy in Bangalore that can help the aspirants to stay consistent and focused while studying are as follows: –

  • Segregate the topics beforehand: Prepare a strategy for yourself where you sort out the subject wise topics and allot them a timeframe in which you will try to complete them.
  • Set Daily Targets: Once you have sorted your strategy you need to make goals for each day and study accordingly. Make sure you achieve your targets. You can also swipe to solve Daily MCQs on the Legacy IAS Academy home website.
  • Pre decide the goal for the next day: Always decide your study goals for the next day a night before sleeping.
  • Avoid Distractions: If you want to stay focused you will need to prioritize your studies. And for that try to keep your cellphone away from your sight while studying. You can also mute the notifications.
  • Stay Healthy Eat Healthy: Nothing is as efficient as a healthy and active mind. Daily exercises can help to keep your zeal pumped up. Healthy eating habits will make you stay away from fatigue and procrastination.
  • Study in slots: Make a habit of studying slots. That way you can pull up an 8-10 hour routine each day without many hardships. You can choose any slot plan according to your capability. Few of them are 4*25 (4 slots of 25 mins with 2 mins break), 2*50 (2 slots of 50 mins with 10 mins break), 3*45(3 slots of 45 mins with 15 mins break). We have included this model in our pedagogy as an eminent IAS Coaching in Bangalore.
  • Take breaks: Taking breaks are as important as sticking up to the routine. An exhaustive study plan with no breaks will decrease your efficiency gradually. It is extremely important to take breaks so that your mind and body gets enough space to relax.
  • Revise and practice: No matter how much you study it will always be incomplete if not revised. A diligent revision will increase your retention power. We layout all in one strategy for our students to stay in touch with the syllabus. That is a distinctive feature of our institute as an IAS Academy in Bangalore.

The right study plan will help in boosting your preparation. Hence, our institute not only focuses on the academic aspect but our programs are made to develop the overall intellectual capacity of the aspirants. Legacy IAS Academy is Best IAS Institute in Bangalore when it comes to acquiring excellent guidance. There are upcoming courses on our website which aspirants can pursue for realizing their dream of becoming an IAS. The courses offered by us are cost-effective and highly qualitative. The overall enhancement of aspirant’s capabilities is our primary goal. Hope the above tips and tricks right from the shelf of Best IAS Academy in Bangalore helps you in pushing your limits.

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How to Stay Consistent and Focused while Studying for UPSC?

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