The Importance of Writing Skills: Why it Matters to the Students

Importance of Writing Skills

Writing skills are one of the most important skills students can learn, both for their academic success and their future careers. Many students are unaware of the importance of writing skills until they find they aren’t doing as well as expected at college due to the stringent writing requirements for assignments.

There are many reasons why writing matters to students, from making them better communicators and encouraging their creativity and imagination to increasing their confidence and improving their academic results.

Improves communication skills

Writing can significantly improve communication skills because it forces students to learn language skills, organize their thoughts and present them in a logical way so others can clearly understand them. Presenting ideas clearly in writing can translate into clearer and more direct verbal communication with listeners. Learning grammar, spelling, and other language basics give a better understanding of the language and promote clearer verbal expression.

Soft skills like communication skills are highly sought after in the corporate environment today. Many employers believe that colleges and universities should place more emphasis on oral and written communication. This emphasis on communication comes because of the changing nature of work and more need to anticipate and solve complex problems and collaborate with others, all of which depend on effective communication.

Encourages creativity and imagination

Writing activates the frontal cortex of the brain, which has long been regarded as the center of creativity. It appears to be responsible for many functions that are part of creative thinking. Creativity is essential not only for the arts but for innovations, inventions and human expression. It is the ability to produce something original that has value.

Creative thinkers can generate new ideas that are critical to solving real-life problems. By free association of different ideas, they can look at situations from different angles and find ways to make improvements. This is a skill that’s highly desirable in the workplace today. The pandemic brought home to businesses the necessity of being able to pivot and innovate in the face of a crisis and creative thinkers are in higher demand than ever before.

Essay writing from professionals

Students at college getting an education can benefit from studying examples of essays written by professional writers who are experts in their fields. The amount of positive Edubirdie reviews show that the company is a reliable provider of essays for students so they can find time to study when they are overloaded with assignments. They can choose a writer and receive an essay fulfilling all the academic requirements within the required deadline. Studying how they are written can help them to master academic writing for future success.

Importance of Writing Skills

Improves confidence

When students can write clearly and state their opinions to the best of their ability, this gives them more self-confidence. They know they are able to get their point of view across effectively in writing and this can give them more overall confidence and affect other areas of their life in a positive way too.

When they get good marks for assignments, students feel a sense of achievement and that they’re making progress towards their career goals. Their capacity to do research and write their opinions coherently is a skill that gives them a solid foundation for future success and the confidence that they can accomplish whatever is required of them in the workplace.

It’s crucial for academic success

Focusing on improving writing skills can make all the difference to academic performance. Students probably write well over 100,000 words in their college years and this is not just trying to get to a certain word count but challenging their brains and forcing them to think more critically and analytically about complex intellectual topics.

Foundational writing skills include being able to organize evidence within paragraphs that relate to a thesis topic and choosing words and sentence structures that effectively convey meaning. However, academic papers require far more complex writing skills than just mastering basic grammar and spelling. Papers have to show that students have thought deeply about important questions in their field and can convey this in writing if they want to earn top scores.


Spending some time to develop good writing skills can have a great payoff for students both academically and in their future careers. They will achieve more academic success when they can research effectively and present their findings and opinions logically and clearly. Learning to write well can also help to improve their communication skills, encourage their creative thinking, expand their knowledge base and give them more confidence to fulfill their goals.

Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner works for an educational institute as a lead researcher and his work is mainly to test academic software and tools before they are introduced to students. He’s a brilliant academic writer as well and has done numerous essays and dissertations for students. His free time is for watching MMA games, playing basketball and meditating.

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The Importance of Writing Skills: Why it Matters to the Students

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