John Stupp

John Stupp

John Stupp’s poems capture the beauty and hardship of living on this green orb. From slag-filled barges on the Ohio River to clear blue fishing holes, his words paint a picture of words in an imperfect but stunning America.

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Early Life and Education

John Stup was born in Costa Rica but immigrated to the United States for his educational pursuits. He earned a degree in chemistry from UCLA before working across numerous fields before establishing himself as an independent researcher.

He is a professor of materials science, chemistry and medicine at Northwestern University in Illinois and director of the Institute for BioNanotechnology in Medicine (IBNAM).

Dr. Stupp is a member of the American Chemical Society and American Association for the Advancement of Science, with many publications on nanotechnology.

He has earned awards and honors from organizations such as the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Council on Science and Technology and American Institute of Architects. Additionally, he was elected to the International Board of Directors at The National Institutes of Health.

Professional Career

John Stup’s professional career spanned more than three decades. He served as English teacher and principal for Charles County Public Schools throughout this time.

In the mid-90s, Stup was diagnosed with both lupus and fibromyalgia. Board-certified rheumatologist Dr. Nathan Wei began treating Stup in January 1996 and continued her care closely over five years – inspecting her bi-weekly or monthly.

Stup’s blood tests consistently revealed high levels of an antibody associated with lupus in her blood. She also has Graves disease (hyperthyroidism), degenerative disc disease, and eye issues.

Achievements and Honors

Stup has chosen to spend his free time with family instead of playing football. As a member of the Knights of Columbus, he serves as vice president and volunteers for numerous worthwhile causes.

John is an enthusiastic cyclist, often taking more than one ride a day around town. In recognition of his service to the fraternity, the Knights of Columbus have awarded him with the prestigious title of Knight of the Round Table – their highest award! Other honorees include Knights of the Ring for his outstanding support of student life and Knight in Shining Armor for his dedication to scholarship and service.

Personal Life

John Stumpp has an accomplished career in the performing arts. He has directed, choreographed and taught throughout NYC, Florida as well as around America. Additionally, he’s guest taught at Joffrey Ballet, Cleveland Musical Theatre Dance Intensive and STEPS on Broadway.

In addition to his career in the performing arts, he is also a poet. Main Street Rag has published two chapbooks and an entire full-length collection of his work.

He has written poems that explore the fragility and beauty of our country, serving as a poignant reminder that life can be both beautiful and broken. This collection takes readers on an unforgettable journey through a nation in transition, showing the many ways words have the power to shape and transform lives. From slag-filled barges on the Ohio River to clear blue fishing holes, these poems capture images of American life.

Net Worth

John Stupp has a net worth of $1.6 million dollars. He owns 277 units of Spire stock and has made four trades within the company since 2012, most recently selling 6,000 shares on June 10th 2021 for $448,380.

He was born on July 22, 1977, in Germantown, Maryland with blue eyes and blonde hair. He has worked as a model and television host, hosting shows on HSN. Currently married to Valerie Stup Smith with three children in tow, she stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 112 pounds; additionally she works as a publicist and consultant while being involved with organizations such as American Heart Association and Oxfam while volunteering. With such success comes an impressive net worth due to her work.

John Stupp

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