5 Key Benefits of CBD Oil

benefits of CBD oil

The benefits of CBD oil are often overshadowed by its relationship with recreational marijuana. While they come from the same plant and do share some of the same effects, CBD does not give the user a high. This is an amazing find, as CBD has shown to be effective for treating some ailments.

What ailments can CBD help provide some relief for? What effects does CBD have on the people that use it? For these answers and more, read on to learn about five of the key benefits of CBD oil!

1. Pain Relief

There is evidence that shows people were using marijuana for pain relief as far back as 2900 B.C.E. Recently, studies by the National Institutes of Health show that CBD is one of the main ingredients of marijuana that can treat chronic pain. CBD itself is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, so this helps when treating ailments such as arthritis muscle pain, and pain associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

2. Anxiety Reduction and Depression Relief

Anxiety and depression are growing mental health issues worldwide. Many brands of CBD oil, including Venterra Farms CBD, show a measurable effect in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is great news, as many current treatments require addictive medications, whereas there is no evidence that CBD has any addictive properties.

In fact, CBD can affect post-traumatic stress disorder, especially in children. While still early days in studying CBDs impact on anxiety and depression, these results are hopeful news. This means it is possible to treat these difficult ailments with low-impact treatments with few major side effects.

3. Alleviate Cancer Symptoms

Some of the major issues with cancer treatments are symptoms that CBD is known to alleviate. CBD is known to help with nausea and vomiting, which are common during chemotherapy treatment of cancers. One study even hinted that CBD may have some anti-cancer properties, though the study was on test-tube and animal studies.

4. Relieve Neurological Symptoms

Thanks to the research showing CBD’s effectiveness with chronic pain, researchers are also looking into using CBD to treat neurodegenerative disorders. The studies involve patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties may also help relieve neurodegenerative symptoms as well.

5. Seizure Relief

A 2016 study showed that CDB oil on top of regular anti-epilepsy medications helped reduce seizures by about 36% per month. Though twelve percent of the participants recorded severe adverse effects, this study reflects a good start in researching seizure relief. The American Epilepsy Society hopes this research and others like it can advance epilepsy treatment in the future.

Reap the Benefits of CBD Oil

Research into the benefits of CBD oil is still early days for many areas of medicine, and there are hopes that it can help relieve a host of symptoms. From pain to epileptic seizures, many researchers are looking to CBD oil. Studies come in every day that shows CBD oil’s possible effectiveness!

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5 Key Benefits of CBD Oil

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