List Of Practices That Every SEO Agency Must Follow

List Of Practices That Every SEO Agency Must Follow

SEO is an extensive process that requires tons of backend work for success. Since it involves dealing with a number of hard things, it is apparent from individuals to get confused with specialty beginners. Yet remember to keep these confusions out of the site to avoid major mishaps with your website.

Since most of the practice is done by keeping a general SEO description and its need in the head, they aren’t always that compelling, failing to draw a good percentage of readers.

We have jotted down some of the must-follow SEO practices that a digital marketing agency in Singapore even asserts to bring you out such scenarios.

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Your Checklist To Organic SEO

Target the topic according to search traffic potential

No matter what industry your website is dedicated to, keywords must be the most integral part of SEO. Hence curating a list of relevant keywords is extremely important. After all, what’s the use of spending money and hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore just to put up keywords that nobody searches for unless you yearn to stimulate links.

For instance, say you sell cake baking tutorials. It wouldn’t make a point using keywords like “how to increase the font using spatula” because it has zero search volume. As a result, you get no organic traffic.

Although search volume is a great indicator of potential traffic, it can be misleading at times. That’s because the lower volume keywords receive visitors from other keywords containing terms of a broader topic.

So to avoid such mistakes, utilize a filter or hire an expert digital marketing agency in Singapore.


Usage of HTTPS helps you encrypt the information shared between the server and the visitor, making your site secure and safe to use.

It is easy to check as well; just by looking at the loading bar, you can tell whether your site is using HTTPS or not. If a lock icon is visible right ahead of the URL, you are good to go. And if nothing much is visible, you are most probably required to install an SSL certificate.

Several web hosts offer both services in one package. If you can’t find one suitable one, you can get the free one from LetsEncrypt.

It has been on the list of Google ranking factors for a long time, which is why it is often termed as digital marketing services best practices.

The good news is, switching over to HTTPS is a one-time job. Previously installed HTTP on every page will secure both your past and future published content.

Ensuring a fast load speed

We all are aware that nobody would want to stick to a page that takes forever to load. It lessens the curiosity to visit the page, affecting your ranking on the search engine result page.

It is also why it has been on the factor list since 2010 for desktop-related search and 2018 for mobile-related search.

Since the issues related to loading speed are often categorized as different and complex, we suggest you hire a digital marketing agency in Singapore for help.

Besides, you can take up these simple steps as well:

Compress images

Image files are comparatively larger than other files, which adds to the load speed. Compression images using different applications can help reduce the file size, which can help load quicker. However, you need to remember compression of images destroys their quality, so keep a check while doing so.

Using optimized theme

Your website theme also has an impact on the load speed. So make sure you choose an optimized theme for your website that facilitates efficient code too.

Match search intent

Understanding the search intent surely tops the list of digital marketing services best practices. Comprehending what people are trying to find through the search is difficult, but the best practice is to stay afloat.

One needs to understand that people aren’t looking for a product when they search ‘how to bake a cake’ vise verse; nobody would want a blog post to share a recipe when they type ‘where can I find cakes.’

It is important to match the search for satisfying the searcher’s intent and the search engines. Because they recognize the results and keywords, the top results are blogs, not product pages, for the first case.

Compose a compelling meta tag and title tag

SEO is not just about improving your visibility but also enticing clicks, which is why composing a compelling meta tag and title tag is important. That is because they both are the first few things that popup describing your offerings when a search is performed.

Title and meta tags directly impact your sales. If neither of them is enticing, you rarely get a click over the link leading to zero to no conversion and diminished raking over the SERP.

The most effective way to curate a meat and title tag is to highlight what special your brand has to offer. Remember to keep them within the standard character limit along with specific keywords.

Inclusion of links from a valuable source

It’s not just the content and the related optimization of the page that concludes as best practices. For instance, even an experienced digital marketing agency in Singapore asserts that backlinks have an equivalent role.

Links help you draw audiences from varied sources but also assist you in gaining credibility in the eyes of users and search engine crawlers. More the links, the better the credibility in their eyes. As a result, your rank on SERP improves, increasing your engagement years.

Bottom Line

SEO is an extensive process; constant change in the marketing landscape and search engine algorithm demands constant updates to remain effective.

Applying these digital marketing services best practices is great if you are beginning with the process. But if you expect them to be plentiful to improve your rank, you are sorely mistaken.

Other ranking factors need to be taken into consideration to stay afloat. You can read this post to get a sneak peek at them.

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List Of Practices That Every SEO Agency Must Follow

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