8 Modern Home Decorating Ideas to Try in Your New Apartment in Dubai

Home Decorating Ideas

A modern interior design style is a reflection of modern art movements inside a home.

Modern interior designs are simple, tidy, and fuss-free. They feature furnishings and decor focusing on the use of neutral materials and earthy and monochromatic colours that do away with eliminating unnecessary details.

A modern interior design style is perfect for apartments in Dubai since it creates a look and feel of spaciousness. It can also give a home a touch of sophisticated and timeless elegance.

Giving Your Apartment a Modern Design

If you want to give your new apartment in Dubai a modern look and feel, below are eight decorating ideas you can consider:

1. Keep walls white.

Most apartments come with white walls and ceilings. If you are leaning towards a modern interior design style for your new home, keep this original colour.

White gives spaces a clean, bright look. It also makes a room feel more open.

Because of these reasons, it is the perfect colour that can give your new flat a minimalist modern look and vibe.

However, you don’t have to restrict yourself to white. You can also go for off-white or light grey if you want to incorporate other hues in your new home.

2. Choose furniture pieces with clean lines.

Furniture pieces that work well with modern interior design are those that look great but save space.

This means looking for furniture with clean lines and simple angles.

Clean-lined furniture is more compact, allowing you to make better use of the available space. Even if you only get a few of these furnishings, they can make a huge difference in the overall look and vibe of your apartment.

Also, furniture pieces with clean lines can create a sense of flow in your flat and help reduce the look of clutter, thereby giving your home a calming ambience.

Light, clean-lined modern furniture pieces are appealing yet still tend to be budget-friendly. As such, you won’t have to spend a lot to furnish your new home.

When shopping for furniture, make sure you stay true to the modern interior design concept that focuses on getting the ones you really need.

Before buying a sofa, table, or any furniture, ensure you use it frequently and for a long time. If you think the piece will end up in a storage area after a month, look for another one.

3. Add texture.

You can use various types of finishes and materials to give your new home a unique and modern look.

Since your walls are white or similar hue, invest in a wall-mounted wood cabinet or black steel table. These furniture pieces can give your apartment texture and an industrial vibe, giving it a modern feel.

Glass and plastic are also great for modern interior designs. Don’t forget to use fabrics since they create visual and tactile interest in your home.

This means using rugs, throw pillows, and curtains to add texture to any room.

4. Give the kitchen a modern touch.

The kitchen is the most important room in your home and possibly the most frequented one by both residents and guests. Because of this, you need to put some careful thought into giving it a modern style.

If you have an open kitchen, keep it open. Avoid using a screen to enclose it.

If you have a kitchen island, get some stools for seating. A complete set works great as an extra dining and prep table. It helps make the room look modern as well.

Lastly, to keep up with the modern interior style concept, consider getting white cabinets, having a white backsplash, and other features in this colour.

5. Make use of the corner spaces.

In most instances, the corners of apartments are underused. Avoid making this mistake by including them in your design plan.

Consider getting corner shelves to turn your corners into storage space. Another option to get more from this area is using them to anchor seating.

You can also buy an L-shaped sectional sofa in the corners of your living room to maximize the space here.

6. Invest in shelves.

Shelves are excellent storage solutions that reduce clutter in your home. They also display your valuable décor and keep items easily accessible.

A bookshelf helps you organize your books and keep them from getting tossed around. However, it can also double as an ordinary shelf where you can put your keys, mugs, picture frames, and other collections.

If you want to make use of the vertical space in your apartment, opt for floating shelves. They are space-saving features that are easy to install and you can put them anywhere.

7. Decorate with mirrors.

If you want to make your apartment look more spacious, mirrors are the best decorative items you can get.

Mirrors make rooms look larger by playing with space and light. To create this effect, place them in areas where they can reflect natural light.

Mirrors are amazing decorative items since you have plenty of options to choose from. These include simple squares, rounds, ovals and gorgeous gold mirrors.

Additionally, mirrors have different patterns and designs. You can also get them in sets to form one shape, which can give a room visual interest, personality, and a modern touch.

8. Choose the right décor items.

Aside from mirrors, there are several decorations that can give your apartment a modern look instantly and effortlessly.

Cottagecore decor items, also known as Farmcore and Countrycore items, were brought to life by a social media movement that fosters the idea of living a simple rural lifestyle.

These decorative features are pleasing to the eye and give the space a soothing, comforting vibe. Moreover, they are all-rounders, meaning they look great any time of the year.

Examples of cottagecore decor to get for your new apartment are floral cushion covers and pillowcases, birds and cages decals, and removable garden wallpapers.

Potted plants are also welcome additions to all interior design styles, including modern. They give rooms colour and a crisp, natural vibe.

Even if you have a completely modern apartment, a piece of nature will always be a beautiful and welcome addition to your interiors.

With these decorating ideas, you can have a modern apartment that suits your needs and lifestyle and embodies your personality at the same time.

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8 Modern Home Decorating Ideas to Try in Your New Apartment in Dubai

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