New World of Warcraft Veilpiercer Bow

new world of warcraft veilpiercer bow 49101

The Veilpiercer Epic Bow is a powerful Epic Bow that can do epic damage based on Dexterity or INT. It requires Level?? Bow Mastery is required to learn. This crafting recipe is available in the Trading Post. There are two trees available for it – the Skirmisher tree concentrates on damage and Poison, and the Hunter tree focuses on boosting your weapon’s stats.

The Veilpiercer is a Tier V Epic Bow that packs 590 Gear Score. It uses the Bow Mastery skill, which is split into two different trees – Skirmisher tree and Hunter tree. The Veilpiercer is lightweight and scales 100% Dexterity. This bow is great for engaging multiple foes at once, as its damage and armor saves are highly effective. Although it is hard work, it is well worth it.

New World of Warcraft Veilpiercer Bow
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