OnlyFans Alternatives: 5 Of The Top Choices for Content Creators

OnlyFans Alternatives

OnlyFans has become one of the popular content creation platforms for all kinds of creators, especially adult creators. No matter whether you are looking to become an adult content creator or a non-adult content creator, the choice of platforms is plenty. But OnlyFans comes as the first choice for many as it helps creators establish their own careers with more flexibility and freedom and no censorship.

If you tend to post more adult-type images and videos, OnlyFans remains the top choice as it supports millions of adult content creators.

Why look for alternative options for OnlyFans?

Although OnlyFans might be popular among the audience, it is not the only choice in the market. The creator economy is growing to new heights, resulting in content creator platforms mushrooming every year.

On top of that, OnlyFans has the power to change its rules and might impose restrictions over the content as it did in the past. The constantly fluctuating content guidelines can challenge creators resulting in content creators looking for other options. This is the main reason why creators of all sorts look for OnlyFans alternatives to continue what they are doing.

That is why we have compiled 5 of the top choices for content creators looking for an OnlyFans-like platform.

However, the best alternative to OnlyFans if you don’t want to get restricted by the constantly changing guidelines and the third-party fee is to build your own website like OnlyFans using a clone script. Fanso is an OnlyFans clone script that helps you create a customizable alternative with your own branding.

Here are 5 alternatives to OnlyFans that you can choose from if you are looking for more choices.


Patreon is a subscription-based content creation platform that was founded in 2013. This means it has been around for longer than OnlyFans, and the latter might be inspired by the former. Most of Patreon’s users are popular YouTubers who already have a decent subscriber-based. Once they grow, they come to Patreon and start making money by offering their audience exclusive content that YouTube does not support.

Though YouTubers constitute a greater percentage of Patreon users, the platform mainly targets creative personalities and adult content creators to monetize their exclusive content. It is just like a subscription-style fan-based business model where creators can set the price they want. The website takes 5%-%12 of content creators’ earnings based on the plan chosen.


Another popular OnlyFans alternative is Fansly which has the same features and pricing like OnlyFans for creators to offer explicit content to the audience. Members need to pay a recurring fee to access the content, and it deducts 20% from the total earnings of creators.

Fansly would be a great alternative if OnlyFans is to ban adult content on its platform. The website also has a special feature of allowing creators to provide their content for free. If the free content appeals to users, they can upgrade to a subscription later. Fansly has most features that OnlyFans has, but it doesn’t have the same brand recognition and traffic.

Just for.Fans

Just for.Fans is another OnlyFans-like platform you can rely on if you are looking for more revenue generation methods. The majority of users of JustforFans enjoy around 80% of payouts where the payments are made on a weekly basis. The website allows users to watch models’ cams, purchase clips, pay for chats, and buy access to Instagram or Snapchat.

The platform takes a 15% commission from the earnings made by the performers. Like OnlyFans, the platform is geared towards adult content, and it features a sizable category of models and students specializing in specific adult content.


If you are looking for an OnlyFans alternative with a similar business model and is a great choice. The basic features are free, but it has some additional features OnlyFans doesn’t have. For example, the main distinguishing factor is referrals. Content creators have a lot of opportunities to work with referrals and make money from it as well.

It works just like any other subscription model- Content creators post images and videos that should be accessed by paying a fee. The distinguishing feature is that it is easier to tag other content creators in posts and private chats. If a follower of creator A subscribes to the content of creator B, creator A receives a share. The platform takes a 20% cut from the creator’s revenue.


Unlockd is another platform that began its service in 2020; it has a similar business model like OnlyFans. The platform is excellent for content creators who want to make money by offering exclusive posts, videos, chats, etc., to their audience.

Unlockd allows all types of content that is legal; it doesn’t just apply to adult content but to all copyrighted content. The subscription platform takes a 15% cut from the money generated by content creators. The minimum payout is $100, meaning creators don’t have to wait to receive the money.

Which is the best OnlyFans alternative?

OnlyFans holds an authoritative place in the market among all the adult content creation platforms. However, for a content creator who is looking for more, searching for OnlyFans alternatives would be great to make more money. In the end, it is all about connecting with your subscribers and establishing a profitable career.

If you are already on OnlyFans, you can choose any other platform mentioned in the list here. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, the best option would be to build your own subscription platform.


OnlyFans has successfully disrupted the social network market as an adult subscription platform. Millions of creators rely on OnlyFans to grow their careers and make money. However, it’s time for content creators to look for alternatives to make a switch or to rely on as an additional platform alongside OnlyFans.

Most options we have talked about here come with top-notch features essential for content creators to engage their subscribers. We hope you find this blog helpful and informative, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

OnlyFans Alternatives: 5 Of The Top Choices for Content Creators

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