All You Need To Know About Spinal Cord Injury Compensation

Spinal Cord Injury Compensation

Suffering from a spinal cord injury is a horrible experience as you may be experiencing immense pain, disability, unable to work and earn, fear, confusion, and worry about the future of you and your family.

If you suffered a spinal cord injury due to the negligence of another party or individual, you are entitled to compensation according to the law. However, facing the legal system and managing the complex legal process alone can be a daunting task, and you do not have to do it alone.

A Summerville spinal cord injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve so you can focus on your health and healing. Let us look at what sort of accidents could cause a spinal cord injury, which damages will the compensation cover, and what to look for when choosing your spinal cord injury lawyer.

What accidents can lead to a spinal cord injury

The spinal cord is the backbone of the human body. It transmits nerve signals from the brain to other parts of the body and vice versa. Lacerations and damage to the spinal cord can disable the person and cause major problems in movements according to the level at which the damage is; the majority of the spinal cord injuries are caused by traumatic accidents, including:

1. Motor vehicle collisions or accidents

Motor vehicle collisions between trucks, motorcycles, buses, and cars are disastrous and involve immense force that can easily fracture or crush the vertebrae and spinal cord.

2. Abuse at a nursing home

Nursing home residents may be deprived of proper care and attention, which might result in spinal cord injuries. For example, walking on an unsafe floor unattended, bathing unattended, or wandering off without anyone.

3. Office accidents

Any worker can suffer from a spinal cord injury at a workplace or work site by falling from a height, a heavy object falling on you, or other accidents. If you get injured in such a way, you deserve to claim compensation to pay off your medical bills and lessen your financial strains.

4. Sports accidents

Recreational activities and sports such as diving, skateboarding, or football can cause spinal cord injuries and other orthopedic injuries.

5. Slip and fall accidents

Unsafe surroundings and conditions in a building or other property such as loose stair railings, torn carpet, loose steps, wet floor without any warning, or inadequate lighting can increase your chances of slipping and falling, which can result in spinal cord injuries.

6. Faulty products accidents

Spinal injuries can also be caused by manufacturing faults in automobiles, such as faulty breaks that can cause you to lose control over your vehicle.

7. Medical malpractice

During surgery, a careless surgeon or medical provider can cause a spinal cord surgery by administering incorrect medicines or by being careless during surgery and committing a surgical error.

What damages will the spinal cord injury lawsuit cover?

If you sustained a spinal cord injury due to the negligence of another party, you should not have to deal with your financial troubles because of their actions. Summerville personal injury law firm can help you earn the compensation you deserve. The spinal injury lawsuit compensation will cover the following damages:

Hospital bills

You will be compensated for the medical bills you incur due to your spinal cord injury. This includes bills for the ambulance, hospital, doctor visits, medicine, physical therapy, and medical equipment required to facilitate you, such as a wheelchair or leg braces.

Pain and suffering

The emotional and mental suffering, physical pain, and loss in the quality of life for years ahead are all subjective costs that no amount of money can ever recover.

Other expenses

These include expenses such as transportation to physical therapy or medical appointments.

Lost wages

The chances of being unable to work and move are high in a spinal cord injury. After suffering a spinal cord injury, you will require months of bed rest, and you will probably be forced to miss work and lose income while you rest and recover. The compensation from your lawsuit will help you earn your lost wages.

Future losses due to paralysis

The future losses include costs of medical care you will require in the future and also estimated value for the loss of your earning potential.

A spinal cord injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. You do not have to fight this battle alone.

A spinal cord injury attorney will not only represent you and take care of all legal dealing but will also make sure you keep up with all deadlines, submit all documents, talk to the other party and get you a good settlement offer.

It is very important that you find a skilled, experienced, and talented attorney who knows his work and the judicial system in and out. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing your spinal cord injury attorney.


Every personal injury case is different, but a spinal cord injury case is usually complex and requires experience and knowledge. The attorney should have extensive knowledge regarding the spinal system.

They should also have previous experience in dealing with and winning the cases of other spinal cord injury clients. You should check from where the attorney graduated and got his degree.


Once you have selected an attorney, you will be dealing with them for more than a month. This is why it is important that you select an attorney that you are comfortable with and who is available for you at all times. It can be very frustrating if you are left in the dark regarding your case and its progress.

If you have any queries or concerns, it is your legal right to have them addressed by your attorney right away. When you visit the lawyer for the first meeting, ask them who will be handling your case and will they be available at all times or not.

You should also check the online reviews in order to understand the experience of past clients. You can even contact their past clients and ask them how their experience was and was the lawyer accessible and responsive or not.


Without a doubt, experience makes a man better at his job. Previous successful experience in representing spinal cord injury victims is essential.

An experienced attorney will be able to investigate your case properly, gather evidence to support your claim in court, determine the liability for your spinal cord injury, calculate the amount of compensation you deserve, and reject a settlement offer if it isn’t in your favor and take your case to court.

You should do your research on the attorney and check their record to see how many cases they have won and how many they have taken to trial.

Successful record

Without the proper knowledge, you can not calculate the amount of compensation you deserve. Without an attorney, you will probably end up accepting a settlement offer that is too low. A lawyer will help you recover the full compensation you deserve. But before finalizing an attorney, it is important that you know their previous record.

In a nutshell

An attorney will either break or make your case. So it is very important that you invest in a good lawyer who is skilled and experienced. Make sure you select a local attorney who has sufficient knowledge and experience and is compassionate and responsive.

All You Need To Know About Spinal Cord Injury Compensation

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