9 Photoshoot Makeup Ideas and Tips

Photoshoot Makeup Ideas

There are many reasons that you might plan a photoshoot. Maybe you and your spouse have a wedding or anniversary coming up soon. Maybe you want to conduct a maternity photoshoot to celebrate your upcoming baby. Or maybe you need some professional photographs and headshots for a job.

No matter what your motivation is, you need your makeup to look immaculate. Do you need some inspiration for your next photoshoot? Check out our list of nine photoshoot makeup ideas and tips that you won’t want to miss!

1. Use Natural Lighting

This is less relevant to your makeup than the photoshoot itself, but make sure that your photographer uses natural lighting over artificial. While heavy studio lighting can create dramatic looks, it can also fade out the colors of your makeup. That, or accentuate them in all the worst ways, making them look unflattering.

Any good photographer knows that natural lighting looks the best for most pictures, especially when human models get involved.

2. Fake Lashes Can Accentuate the Eyes

Do you want your eyes to pop? Then, one of the best photoshoot makeup ideas you can use is to add fake eyelashes to your look.

Any photograph that focuses on how your makeup looks will focus on your lips and your eyes. Make sure that you choose the right lashes to suit your face. Some fake lashes will make your eyes look heavy or demand too much camera focus. Wispy lashes can avoid some of this excess weight by accentuating only certain parts of the eye.

3. Prepared Faces Photograph Better

Before you start applying makeup for your photoshoot, you need to ensure that you have a nice, prepared base. Your face needs solid moisturization before you start applying the layers of foundation and makeup that you need for your look to show up beneath studio or camera lights.

You might consider applying a moisturizing facial mask around two days before the shoot occurs to give yourself a deep cleanse. This will make your skin look more refreshed and help smooth out any existing blemishes. You should also make sure to apply a solid, even layer of primer before you start layering on your makeup for the shoot.

4. Stay True to Yourself

Are you looking for the best makeup to wear for a photoshoot? We’re here to tell you that your best makeup look is one that stays true to you. Tempting as it may be to opt for something dramatic and special for your upcoming photoshoot, you do yourself a disservice if you do that. Choose makeup looks that stay true to your personality and your style.

5. Complement Your Outfit and Makeup

Another of the best photoshoot makeup ideas you can use for your next photography session is to complement your outfit and makeup. Even if you’re only taking headshots, parts of your outfit will still be visible. So, you need to make sure that your clothes work with your makeup look.

Simple outfits with solid colors can work with natural and more dramatic looks. If your outfit is more colorful and attention-grabbing, it could draw attention away from your face, which is the last thing you want. Worse, your colors could clash with your makeup, making it look even worse.

6. Avoid Shimmery Makeup and Excess Shine

Your next photoshoot is not the place to break out your brand new pallet of metallics. Nor is it the place to wear shiny lip gloss, bronzer, or shimmery blush. Metallics might be a fun look off-camera, but they can reflect light in bizarre and often unflattering ways.

Your shiny makeup could end up stealing the spotlight from you, no matter how high quality the makeup brands you use may be. Unless you’re getting paid to advertise MAC’s new metallic pallet, it’s not worth wearing the extra shine and having it detract from you. Otherwise, you’ll need to address high-end headshot retouching services to give your face a natural look.

7. Reapply Makeup Throughout the Shoot

Photoshoots can last for several hours in all types of weather. This means that the makeup look you started out with when the shoot began can fade over the course of the day. Thankfully, most photoshoot and makeup companies like WarPaint International Beauty Agency will reapply your makeup at regular intervals.

If the agency you’ve chosen doesn’t do that, request a break of a few minutes to refresh your makeup. That can prevent your carefully applied face from dripping off during the day. This can help you avoid an unflattering picture that will need editing later.

8. Be Bold in Your Color Choices

While natural lighting is your best friend and you don’t want to go too dramatic with your makeup, you also shouldn’t be afraid to get bold with your colors. Lighting can make most understated makeup looks fade into nonexistence. You don’t need to go for maximum drama, but you should use more intense colors than you might use for a daily face.

Cameras have a nasty tendency to desaturate any colors in front of them in ways that often require editing later. So, by going for bolder colors, you save the photographer an editing step later.

9. Avoid Powder to Ditch Cakiness

While you want to avoid shine as much as possible, you also don’t want your makeup to wind up looking cakey. While it’s tempting to cake on layers of smoothing and color-correcting powder to get a look of polished perfection, creases can and will happen as your face moves during the shoot. Worse, over-polished perfection can end up looking unflattering.

A true make-up artist knows how to accentuate their subjects’ best features without relying too much on layers of product to get the job done. Enhancement, not removal, is the name of the game.

Looking for More Photoshoot Makeup Ideas?

The above tips and tricks are just a few of the many photoshoot makeup ideas that you can use in your next photography session. Do you need more ideas for what you can do with your makeup, whether for your selfies or professional photographs? Then, check out our blog! We update each day with more helpful and informative beauty articles like this one.

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9 Photoshoot Makeup Ideas and Tips

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