Top 7 Essential Reasons to Rent a Storage Container

Storage Container

Around 50% of renters keep their belongings in storage containers as they don’t have enough space in their homes.

Choosing a storage container is a fantastic way to declutter your home and protect your valuable items. Perhaps you’re planning to rent a storage container, but you’re unsure whether it’d benefit you.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven reasons why it’s useful.

1. Great for Short-Term Use

The main benefit of renting a shipping container is that it’s a useful short-term solution. For instance, you can store your RV or motorcycles in these facilities when they’re not needed.

Homeowners may also rent a storage container if they’re downsizing to a smaller home. Instead of potentially throwing away valuable belongings, you can access your items and streamline at your own pace. This is also a lifesaver if you’re home staging your property, as you can remove family photos or clunky furniture during the buying process.

Storage containers are also great if you’re renovating your home. Don’t risk splashing paint all over your vintage couch when it’s safe in storage. And if a loved one has passed away, renting a temporary storage container gives you time to process your emotions.

Further, self-storage is fantastic for storing important documents. The downside of becoming digital is that we’re vulnerable to security hacks that could infringe on our data or if you’re an employer, your team’s.

But you can prevent this by storing customer profiles, tax documents, and even HR information so it’s protected.

2. Cost-Effective

One of the top benefits of renting a storage container is its cost-effectiveness. Buying shipping containers is costly, so save money by renting one every month.

Further, this is far cheaper than hiring a moving company to pack and move your belongings to your new home. It’s also more affordable than hiring a moving track as you pay per day including gas, which quickly adds up.

As you browse options, it’s important to consider your needs and decide what is important to you. Perhaps you want to access your belongings around the clock or have top-tier security so your belongings are safe.

Make sure you read customer reviews so you get honest feedback about the business. Note, if there are mentions of robberies or incompetent staff, then look elsewhere.

3. No Maintenance Needed

After you’ve found a reputable storage company, your work is done. You needn’t worry about maintaining the container or finding a safe place to store it as the business does this.

A major bonus of renting a storage container is that the company can upgrade you. Plus, they are liable for any damage to your belongings. Because of this, you get invaluable peace of mind.

4. Safe and Secure

You’ll notice that storage containers are durable, thanks to their metal exterior. It also means that they’re weather-resistant so your belongings are safe all year around. And these containers have industry-grade locks so there’s no chance of thieves breaking in.

One of the most important tips for renting a storage container is asking the company about its security. For instance, ask whether they offer in-person surveillance or video monitoring so your belongings are safe.

But note, you can’t store flammable items, hazardous materials, or foodstuff as it could attract pests. As a general rule, you can store furniture, clothes, and files as they aren’t toxic or potentially dangerous.

You can also choose a climate-controlled storage unit as it prevents a mold or mildew outbreak. Although it’s slightly more expensive, the cost is worthwhile as it prevents the temperature from rapidly falling or rising.

If you’ve got wooden furniture, artwork, or electronics, then ask the company for a climate-controlled storage container. Also, find out whether you must buy insurance or if the company will cover belongings that go amiss or get damaged.

5. Range of Sizes Available

The beauty of storage containers is you can choose the best size for you. This is fantastic if you’re downsizing or you don’t have the budget for a large container. Many companies let customers eventually swap the container size, so you’re not paying for more than you need.

If you’re after a smaller storage container, know that it’s possible to maximize your space. Start by stacking your items or using stackable bins so that you vertically store your belongings. It’s also wise to disassemble bulky furniture, such as table or chair legs, so you don’t waste space.

6. Accessible

Unlike your garage, storage containers are portable so you can easily move your belongings between sites. You can also choose whether to keep these containers on-site or at the company’s facilities.

If you’re between a move or need to frequently access your items, consider having your container on-site to save time.

7. You Needn’t Move the Storage Container Yourself

Not everyone is comfortable towing a huge storage container, which is why companies offer these services.

Make an appointment and the team will deliver the storage unit to your desired destination so you can start packing. Then, decide whether to keep the storage container there or get it towed somewhere else. Simple!

Rent a Storage Container Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll rent a storage container to suit your needs.

Renting a storage container is affordable, convenient, and lets you find the perfect size for your belongings. Customers are also reassured that their belongings are safe, whether it’s from thieves or the elements.

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Top 7 Essential Reasons to Rent a Storage Container

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