5 Pro Tips for Getting Organized

Tips for Getting Organized

A messy desk can really impact your productivity.

Do you struggle to keep your desktop area tidy? Either at home or the office, you need to know how to keep it organized.

We can help out with our handy tips. Read on for our must-know 5 hacks on getting organized on the desktop.

1. Only Keep What You Need on the Desk

We all know that desks can become cluttered easily. However, most of that clutter is actually not needed. In fact, a laptop, pen, and phone are all most people need to get by.

If you only need one pen, then why keep a case or holder full of them? All of these items can be packed away. Any books or papers can be placed away on shelves and cables can be tied to the back of the desk using desk cable management.

2. Limit Personal Items

Everyone wants to customize their space, especially if you are working in an office. However, filling it with personal items is not a way to keep order and efficiency. In fact, they just add to the clutter.

If you really want to know how to get your desk organized, then remove any personal items. Family photos are easily found on your phone or computer.

3. Organize Your Computer Desktop

Your computer is an extension of the desk itself. If you open your laptop or boot up your desktop to see a cluttered mess, then it can be as bad as having a messy workspace.

Remove all the shortcuts from the desktop of your computer. Then take time to place all your files in the correct places. Any files you no longer need, or images that are not required, can be moved to the recycle bin.

Finish by emptying the recycle bin. Turn off your computer, then physically clean it using screen wipes.

4. Remove Sticky Notes

Sticky notes should never replace an organized to-do list. In fact, the more they mount up, the less important they become. They should only be used for urgent matters or to house last-minute ideas you may forget.

In addition, sticky notes have a habit of losing their stickiness. This leaves them lying around the desk looking forlorn, cluttering it immensely.

5. Create Space

Creating space on your desktop is the true key to knowing how to organize your desk. Without space, you have no room to read, browse or sign any physical documents. You end up forever moving around items to accommodate your tasks.

One of the best organization tips is to always have an A4 paper-sized space on your dominant side. This makes it easy to bring items in and out of the desk area.

Take Time Out for Getting Organized

The desk can be a place where you sit and want to frantically get on with the day’s tasks. However, you should take time out for getting organized before you begin. Arrange your items, think about the task for the day and start.

If you enjoyed our article, we have lots more to help your productivity. We have everything from mental health articles to fitness. Visit us and let us help you get organized in the coming year!

5 Pro Tips for Getting Organized

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