Women’s Self Defense Help: A Guide to Getting Started

Womens Self Defense Help

Like it or not, we live in a world where women’s self-defense help is an important subject. According to the World Health Organization, one in three women around the world has experienced physical assault.

Even the strongest, fittest women are not immune from attacks. Knowing some self-defense tips and tricks may help you feel more confident and less afraid in many situations.

Here are some women’s self-defense tips in the unfortunate event that you need to use them.

Hit Them Where It Hurts

In the film Miss Congeniality, a character uses her platform as a Miss United States contestant to teach women’s self-defense help. She encourages women to aim for the following areas:

  • Solar plexus/stomach
  • Instep (foot)
  • Nose
  • Groin

Her intentions were correct. In the event of an assault, aim for the weakest parts of your attacker. As well as the suggestions on the list, you could also aim for the eyes, throat, or pull their hair.

Try to use your elbows and feet where you can. That way, your self-defense techniques will be more powerful than using an open palm or fist. Your priority is always to protect yourself from blows rather than give them.

Do not aim for the knees or chest. It is unlikely you will hit these body parts with enough force to do anything significant.

Arm Yourself With Security Equipment

One of the most popular self-defense tips is to carry your house keys in your fist. This is a common choice when walking alone in an unlit or unfamiliar area late at night.

Carry the key straight across your fist with the pointy end poking out at the side. This will allow you to jab it like a knife if necessary.

You could also invest in security whistles, alarms, and lipstick tasers. The main concern with handheld security devices is that they need to be within easy reach. These items should be on a keyring, attached to the outside of a handbag, or on a lanyard.

Be careful of taking tasers, even small ones, to Government buildings or airports. They are still weapons and are illegal in some countries and places.

Take a Self-Defense Class

One of the most effective ways for women to stay safe and protect themselves is to take women’s self-defense classes. Some forms of self-defense and martial arts are better suited to women’s self-defense than others.

They prepare women with the tools, moves, and knowledge to survive an assault by an often stronger male attacker.

Joining a women’s self-defense course like FEKM Krav Maga will give you both the skills and physical fitness to defend yourself.

Take These Women’s Self-Defense Help Tips Further

Women’s self-defense help training does not end when the classes end. Revise the moves, keep fit, and stay alert.

Pray that you will not need to use your self-defense knowledge but walk in confidence that you can if you need to.

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Women’s Self Defense Help: A Guide to Getting Started

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