How the Walkthrough Website Design is Changing SEO

Website Design is Changing SEO

SEO and the best website design in Atlanta are a constantly changing field that highlights a broad range of unique elements and aspects. For example, Zgraph and other web design companies are integrating a walkthrough website design concept that is changing the ways that people perceive these ideas in many ways.

The Walkthrough Concept Explained

Though different designers may use different terms to describe this concept, it refers to a website that is easy to use and which allows users to “binge” its content. A walkthrough website can be thought of as a museum where users click on many pages and experience a lot of content in a short time.

This design idea ensures that users go through many areas of your site, increases your site clicks organically, produces stronger audience engagement, and helps raise your SEO presence all at the same time. Let’s take a look at one example of this concept to get an idea of how it operates.

One Popular Example – The Super Mario Museum

Nintendo has always stood out for its creative design ideas and its ability to capture the market with great advertising. And its celebration of 35 years of Super Mario culminated in the Super Mario Museum, a fun walkthrough website where users can examine different aspects of this legendary game. Like all walkthrough sites, it focuses on the simplicity of use to make it easy to binge on many elements.

For example, it uses colorful photos from every Mario game, simple text explaining elements of that game, fun facts that highlight aspects of the games that players may not know, and much more. All of this information helps to make this website an easy and fun place to explore and draws in many hardcore Mario fans at the same time. In this way, it creates a very effective and memorable design.

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How the Walkthrough Website Design is Changing SEO

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