Protect Your Privacy with GPS Jammer

GPS Jammer

Tracking people with GPS has become the subject of heated debate regarding ethics and respect for human rights. However, employers, law enforcement, and even some individuals often resort to this technology. Fortunately, this situation has an effective solution in the form of a GPS jammer. It confuses the GPS navigator by sending out multiple signals. As a result, the person who is being surveilled breaks out from the close attention of counter-agents and thereby protects his private space.

What Types of Jammers Are There?

It is necessary to choose a device in accordance with the tasks that are set for it:

  • Car Anti-Tracking GPS Jammer. Frequently, employers track the movement of vehicles of truck drivers. This problem is solved with the help of portable car blockers of different capacities.
  • Mobile Phone Blocker. If you need to hide from surveillance, which is carried out through smartphones, you need to purchase a jammer for mobile phones. They have small dimensions and a different range — from 5 to 50 meters, depending on the power of the selected model.
  • Universal Models. Portable jammers that operate on the principle of “All in one”. They are able to drown out all frequencies in a very wide range, which allows you to build an impenetrable barrier around the person using it.

The Most Advanced Solutions for the Latest Technologies

Knowing about the unique technologies of the jammers, the developers of tracking tools went further and began to use new principles of tracking based on the A-GPS principle. However, this is not a hopeless situation either: Jammer-Store offers mixed GSM/GPS jammers to cope with this new technology.

The Jammer-Store provides many other models of jammers for blocking various signals. Navigate to this website to find out all the possible varieties of this indispensable device. Wall-mounted and desktop, portable and versatile, they’ll help you tackle any challenge and frequency range.

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Protect Your Privacy with GPS Jammer

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