5 Reasons to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

investing in cryptocurrency

Over half the homes in the United States own stock. It’s no wonder why; investing is one of the best ways to bring in some extra money. However, any investor in 2021 would be remiss not to look into the option of investing in cryptocurrency.

Maybe crypto investments have slipped you by. Perhaps you’re interested in investing in bitcoin, but you don’t know what your options are. Whatever the case is, knowledge is power. This article will walk you through five reasons to start investing in crypto.

1. Potential High Returns

Is there a better reason to invest than potential high returns?

Bitcoins’ price, when it first started to be sold, was 9 cents per Bitcoin. Now, it’s 30,000 dollars per bitcoin. Just a few months ago, it was up to 40,000 dollars.

While bitcoin has seen its ups and downs over the years and famously experienced a bubble a few years ago, it’s climbing higher than ever before. The journey for bitcoin has been bumpy and controversial, but it’s been a massive success at the end of the day

Some people think that the price of bitcoin will be hovering around 500,000 dollars by 2030. That means even a small investment can reap significant rewards.

2. Blockchain Is Revolutionary

Since bitcoin isn’t federally regulated, it relies on blockchain to ensure there isn’t any suspicious business going on. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that uses peer-reviewed codes to check each interaction. Bitcoin’s dependence on blockchain has practically made one synonymous with the other.

The best investments offer real-world benefits, and that’s undoubtedly true of blockchain. If you’ve stayed away from bitcoin investing because it “doesn’t seem practical”, it just isn’t true.

3. The State of Bitcoin

Bitcoin flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic, but even now that it’s over, it’s showing no signs of stopping. Bitcoin ATMs are available in every state now, something unthinkable to those who mocked bitcoin a decade ago.

This market is constantly finding ways to expand and to both spend and earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are even places like https://cryptoplay.net/ where you can play games to earn various in-game currencies.

In fact, there’s probably bitcoin ATM near you that you don’t know about; click to see the bitcoin ATMs near you.

4. Tons of Coins

If bitcoin doesn’t seem like your thing, there are many other cryptocurrencies that you can choose from. For example, Etheruem enables the development of small contracts, Tether is backed by hard money, and Dogecoin was the crypto that started as a joke and took the world by storm.

5. It’s Safe From the Government

If you want to keep your money safe but don’t want to rely on the government, bitcoin is the option for you. Some people look at it as “digital gold” for the amount of value it holds.

Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

When you consider the potential of high returns, the revolutionary nature of blockchain, the state of Bitcoin, the number of coins you can choose from, and the independence from the government, investing in cryptocurrency starts sounding like a great idea. Start investing as soon as you can.

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5 Reasons to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

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