10 Best Ways to Reward Employees for Small Businesses

Reward Employees

Are you a small business owner looking for ways to reward your employees? There are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States, and how these companies reward employees can make a huge difference in retaining talent.

Finding unique ways to recognize your employees for great performance will help keep employee morale high and incentivize them! Read on to learn the 10 best ways to reward employees for small businesses!

1. Give Your Employee a Bonus

One of the best rewards for employees is to give him or her an unexpected bonus. It’s a nice way to show your company’s appreciation for their work while giving your employee the chance to ease their financial burdens out of the office.

2. Recognize Them at a Meeting

You can improve relationships with employees by recognizing them at a meeting when they go above and beyond their job duties. You shouldn’t wait too long after the impressive performance to recognize your employee.

Try to recognize different employees weekly or monthly so that it’s something for them to look forward to during each meeting.

3. Publish Their Story in a Periodical

Does your company publish a monthly or quarterly periodical that’s sent to fellow employees and/or customers? A great way to reward a worker is to publish their story so that other people can see it!

4. Throw a Party to Celebrate

The daily grind in any office can wear on even the most dedicated employees. You can reward great employees and their co-workers by throwing an office party to celebrate their achievements.

Want to find an even better way to celebrate? Consider planning a happy hour or another event out of the office so that people can step away from their desks and enjoy time together!

5. Choose a Lunch Location

Giving employees incentives is an effective way to improve their performance in your company. When you have an employee that’s excelling at their job, you could choose to reward them by letting them pick an out-of-office lunch location.

Treat that employee to a nice lunch as a gesture to show them how much your company appreciates what they are doing each day.

6. Offer a Choice of Gift Cards

Instead of giving a great employee a cash bonus, you could decide to give them a gift card to a restaurant or store they enjoy. A gift card can make your gift a more personal feel and give that employee an excuse to do something they might not normally do without it!

Also, you can give them what they can wear professionally, which also shows their individual participation in company tasks? YES! Lanyards and Badge Reels would be the best gifts rather than giving simple gift cards. You may also pick specified, logo-designed, and hook-style lanyards provided by 4inlanyards, which specify an employee’s post-type.

7. Paid Time Off

There’s no way around it – employees enjoy time away from their office. Whether it’s spending time with family or going on a visit with their significant other, your employee will be appreciative of extra time off as a result of their great performance.

8. Casual Dress Days

If you work in an office that requires your employees to dress formally each day, your employee will enjoy the opportunity to wear casual clothes to work. Consider rewarding your employee by giving them the chance to wear business casual attire into the office!

9. Speak to Your Employee One-on-One

Another nice way to reward your employee is by simply taking the time to speak to them about their performance. Sitting down with him or her for even five or 10 minutes to discuss their work positively to reinforce what they are doing in the workplace.

10. Create a Reward Program

An employee reward program is a nice way to send a message to employees that you care about how they do. You can use employee rewards software to design a program that fits the recognition needs of your business and your employees!

The Best Ways to Reward Employees

The best ways to reward employees depend on your office environment and the personalities in your office. As a business owner or manager, you know your employees best of all.

Take your knowledge of your employees’ lives and circumstances to find the best ways to reward them. Are you looking for other great ways to boost morale in your office?

Check out our blog post on quick tips for healthy living that you can incorporate into your office environment today!

10 Best Ways to Reward Employees for Small Businesses

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