4 Tips on Choosing Portable Restrooms for Your Event

Choosing Portable Restrooms

The average person needs to make a run to the bathroom 4 to 10 times a day. So if you’re having an event soon, you better make sure restrooms are taken care of!

For outdoor parties, you’ll probably need to rent some porta potties to ensure no accidents happen and that everyone’s happy. But where do you even start?

If you need help choosing portable restrooms for your event, then read on. We’ll give you 4 tips!

1. Figure Out How Many Porta Potties You Need

First off, you should get an overall idea of how many porta potties you need. Otherwise, you might end up with too little (which can make partygoers angry) or too many (which can make your wallet angry).

In general, you’ll need 1 toilet for every 50 people. If there’s food served at your event, you’ll want a few extra. And if there’s alcohol, you’ll want to bump that number up even more.

2. Take a Look at the Types of Portable Restrooms Available

Long gone are the days where the only types of porta potties you can rent are those basic plastic ones that (let’s face it) get smelly and gross by the end of your event.

Any portable restroom provider will have things like wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms, trailers, handwashing stations, etc. So make sure you browse the list and see what’d work for your event.

For example, if there are elderly attendees, you’ll want to make sure you get either wheelchair-accessible units or trailers for ease of access. Or if you’re throwing a party out in the woods, you’ll want to rent handwashing stations to ensure everyone practices good hygiene still.

Trailers are also great for a more upgraded and luxurious feel, which you might need for something like a wedding.

3. Ask About the Included Services

Most reputable companies will include services like delivery, pickup, cleaning, and stocking in their prices. But you can never be too sure, so make sure you ask!

Another important thing to inquire about is what their emergency support is like. If something goes wrong with your porta potties, you want to make sure there’s prompt support so you and your guests can party on with as few interruptions as possible.

4. Request Quotes

You should always shop around and request quotes from promising companies for your portable restroom rental. Don’t rush the process, or else you’ll end up with a subpar provider.

Use these chances to ask questions and get a feel for things. If you ever feel like a company’s being dishonest or pushy, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere.

Make Choosing Portable Restrooms Easier by Following Our Tips

When choosing portable restrooms, it might feel overwhelming at first. But by remembering the tips you’ve seen in this article, you’ll have a better time navigating the proceedings.

So keep calm, recall this information, and you’ll definitely be able to get the units you need, all while staying within your porta potty budget!

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4 Tips on Choosing Portable Restrooms for Your Event

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