Steve Hagler

Steve Hagler

Hagler has extensive experience in both taxation and general business management. Additionally, he is committed to the Laureus Academy, an organization using sport for social good.

After driving for many hours to Chula Vista, California for a kayaking tournament, she arrived exhausted and somewhat smelly. When met by her host she was introduced to members of the men’s rowing team who welcomed her with open arms.

Early Life and Education

Steve Hagler was a towering figure in sports history. As middleweight champion for an unbroken twelve years, he became one of the first champions to successfully defend their titles with twelve rounds a piece without suffering defeat – never losing an opponent during that entire span! He held undisputed dominance for 12 undisputed years as champion before going undefeated himself for 15 rounds before finally losing one at last in 1982.

Hagler was a reserved individual who preferred letting his performances do the talking for him. Boston promoter Rip Valenti gave Hagler access to top ranked opponents: in eight rounds he knocked out 1972 Olympic gold medalist Ray Seales; defeated Bobby “Boogaloo” Watts (10th), and earned victory against Bennie Briscoe, his top opponent (rated as number two at that time).

Hagler became well-known after defeating Antonio “Tony” Cruz. A firm believer in hard work, Hagler attended Aquinas High School before going on to Furman University and Cumberland School of Law both located in Greenville. South Carolina.

Professional Career

Hagler held the undisputed world middleweight championship for twelve unbroken years, boasting one of the greatest chins in boxing history and being knocked down only once in fifty-two professional fights.

Early on, Hagler found it hard to find opponents willing to challenge him. Joe Frazier once commented that Hagler had three strikes against him: being black, southpaw and great fighter.

Rip Valenti of Boston began providing Hagler with high-profile challengers to defend his championship against. These included Tony Sibson, Wilford Scypion and Roberto Duran before meeting Hearns at Caesars Palace for what many consider the greatest fight ever fought between boxers in 1985.

Achievement and Honors

Hagler was honored with induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2000 and twice awarded Fighter of the Year from The Ring magazine, becoming one of the greatest middleweights ever.

Hagler won his last fight, against much younger Sugar Ray Leonard, despite it being an extremely close battle spanning twelve rounds. Hagler’s legendary durability helped him withstand one of the harshest assaults seen in boxing history.

Hagler also co-founded Trig Innovation, a product design firm which has won multiple accolades and awards. Their Sanctuary Saddle won bronze at the iCON Innovator Awards for sports leisure and recreation products; LifeFlow rapid infuser was recognized in medical/scientific products category.

Personal Life

Steve Hagler has been practicing law since 1991. His practice encompasses domestic and family law matters as well as wills and probate proceedings, Social Security disability claims and personal injury litigation cases; additionally he serves as guardian ad litem for minor children as well as incapacitated adults.

Hagler made history during his 14-year reign as middleweight champion, winning 60 out of his 61 fights and only suffering one loss during that time period. One fight that will remain one of the greatest battles ever was between Hagler and Thomas Hearns in 1985; many would regard that battle as one of Hagler’s finest ever performances.

Hearns and Hagler represented an entirely different era of boxing; one where fighters had greater significance beyond simply winning, thus garnering them great reverence today as examples of how great boxing can be when its practitioners fight with intention.

Net Worth

He possessed an estimated Net Worth of over $45 Million.

Hearns struck Hagler with several powerful shots in round one and caused him to collapse onto the canvas. Hagler tried fighting back but eventually lost his footing in the ring.

Following his retirement from boxing, Hagler switched careers and pursued law, eventually opening up practice in Augusta since 1991. His practice is focused on domestic and family law as well as wills and probate administration, personal injury claims and social security disability claims.

He acts as guardian ad litem for minor children and incapacitated adults in custody and guardianship cases, is married, has two sons, an impressive collection of cars (ranging from Jaguars to Bentleys) as well as sports memorabilia spanning his collection.

Steve Hagler
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