Steve Hollingsworth

Steve Hollingsworth – Personal Injury – General: Plaintiff

Steve Hollingsworth is a trial attorney from the Hollingsworth Law Firm who specializes in Personal Injury General: Plaintiff cases. Over his career he has assisted hundreds of clients with their legal matters.

He takes great pride in his expertise as a trial attorney, having represented large insurance companies as well as everyday Texans in court cases.

Early Life and Education

Hollingsworth was an All-Region golf player at Chesnee High School for all four years of high school golf competition, competing on both their 2A All-State team as well as his All-Region squad. Outside of golf he enjoyed listening to music and watching sports events in his free time.

Hollingsworth’s work was in direct conflict with Thorndike’s research interests, yet she completed her Ph.D. dissertation under his supervision. Her goal was to demonstrate that the variability hypothesis was false and instead explain sex differences in performance due to societal roles rather than biological reasons.

Hollingsworth has invested his time and money in various charitable organizations, such as Houston Food Bank, Star of Hope Mission and Costal Conservation Association. Additionally he enjoys hunting, fishing, snow skiing and astronomy – among others!

Professional Career

Hollingsworth’s career in higher education spans over twenty-five years, from working at UNLV’s marketing and public relations office, Jackson State University as assistant director of public affairs and Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning as communications/marketing coordinator.

He was also a felony prosecutor and worked at law firms representing large insurance companies such as Allstate and Sedgewick. Over time, however, he realized he would be more effective representing injured parties rather than fighting against them.

He is an active member of the Houston Bar Association and serves on multiple HBA committees such as Lawyers for Literacy, Law and Media and Special Olympics. In his legal practice he has helped hundreds if not thousands of injured Texans receive millions in compensation for their injuries; and during his spare time enjoys hunting, fishing, snow skiing and astronomy.

Achievement and Honors

Steve enjoyed tremendous success as a coach for 34 years in Cross Country and Track and Field, winning many invitational championships and nine state meet event titles over that span. Additionally, two Class 1-A individual state champions Kathy and Dennis came under his guidance, and he continues his work as an official in track and field as the Drake Relays and State High School Boys Cross Country Meet referee.

As an attorney, he has tried over 45 jury trials across Texas courts. He is a member of Houston Trial Lawyers Association, Texas Bar and American Bar Association as well as being on the boards for CARE International USA Freedom from Hunger (COFAH) and Grameen Foundation (G) Foundation.

Personal Life

Steve started his legal career as an assistant district attorney for Harris County, Texas and quickly advanced to become a felony prosecutor. It was during this time he realized that in order to effectively represent injured Texans he needed an understanding of how insurance companies worked; to achieve this end he worked for firms representing some of the world’s biggest insurers such as Allstate, Sedgewick, AIG and Geico among many others.

Steve has provided service to his local legal community by being an active member of Houston Bar Association and serving on its committees like Lawyers for Literacy, Law and Media and Special Olympics. When not serving his legal peers he enjoys hunting, fishing, esqui de nieve, astronomy and photography in his free time.

Net Worth

Hollingsworth, who is worth at least $58.5 million and may even surpass this figure, has lavishly spent money on advertising in a district which would traditionally lean Republican. Additionally, he’s put in long hours.

Ad dollars were of vital importance in this race between Hollingsworth and Young. His media firm produced stunning B-roll of him touring Indiana industrial sites and walking Jeffersonville streets – providing Hollingsworth with an edge in their election battle.

Before running for Congress, Hollingsworth had little history or ideology with politics – as reported by the Indianapolis Star, we found no record of him voting in either Tennessee primary – Democrats or Republicans. Instead he found political success due to a promise by a local county chairman who offered help if he signed a pledge of allegiance with Republicans.

Steve Hollingsworth
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