Things You Need To Know Before Having Liposuction

Difference Between HD Liposuction And Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure to remove fat you can’t lose through diet and exercise.

To improve your shape, a plastic or dermatologic surgeon will usually perform the procedure on your abdomen, hips, stomach, thighs, back, arms, chin, or face. Liposuction is also possible with other procedures, such as facelifts, body reductions, and Tummy Tucks.

What Should You Know Beforehand?

If you want to go for the procedure of lipo in texas, Consult with your surgeon first. Discuss your goals, the options available, the risks and benefits, as well as the costs. Your surgeon will provide instructions on how to prepare for liposuction if you decide to do it.

Discuss any allergies with your surgeon, as well as any medication that you are taking, including any over-the-counter or herbal supplements. You will be asked by your surgeon to stop using certain medications, including painkillers and blood thinners, several weeks before surgery.

Types Of Liposuction

There are only a few liposuction methods. They all use a thin tube (called a cannula) to remove the fat from the body.

The most popular technique is tumescent liposuction. The surgeon will inject a sterile solution into the area to be removed. It is composed of saline, which is salt water, cocaine, and Epinephrine. This solution allows for easier suction of fats with less pain and blood gain.

Assisted liposuction or UAL uses sound wave energy to break down the fat cells. This makes the fat easier to suction out.

Laser-assisted liposuction or Smart-Lipo uses a laser to create a burst of energy to liquefy fat.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Depending on what type of surgery you had, you might not need to stay at the hospital. However, you can expect some bruising, swelling, and soreness for at most a few weeks.

To reduce swelling, your surgeon may ask you to wear a compression suit for up to two months following surgery.

To prevent infection, you will likely need to take anti-infectives. Most people can return to work in a matter of days, and resume normal activities within two weeks. Every person is unique.

Ask your plastic surgeon questions about how your recovery will look, such as:

  • What medications do I need?
  • Will I wear bandages?
  • What Will I Get? When Will They Be Taken Out?
  • What time can I start exercising again?
  • Do I have to return for a follow-up visit?

What Are The Risks?

Cosmetic Surgery Still surgery, there are risks. These risks can be reduced by having it performed only by a board-certified, specially trained cosmetic surgeon.

You should still be aware of the potential risks associated with liposuction.

  • Bleeding
  • Anesthesia complications
  • Shock is usually caused by not receiving enough fluid during surgery.
  • Fluid accumulation (pockets forming from fluid under the skin).
  • Infections (strep and staph).
  • Fat embolism is when tiny bits of fat can block blood flow.
  • Burns from instruments
  • Uneven fat removal
  • Lidocaine: Reactions
  • Change in skin sensation; numbness
  • Broken nerves, blood vessels, muscles, lungs, as well as abdominal organs, can result in damage

A blood clot could also be a risk in your deep veins. Clots can cause serious problems if they spread to other areas of your body such as your lung.

Are The Results Permanent?

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells. You can still gain weight by removing fat cells permanently. These new fat cells usually go to different parts of your body.

You can keep your new body shape after surgery by eating lots of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat milk. should also exercise frequently.

Does Health Insurance Cover Liposuction?

Liposuction can be covered by most health plans, but it is not considered a cosmetic procedure. Discuss the cost and payment options with your surgeon and your insurance company. Also, discuss who will pay if there are any complications.

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Things You Need To Know Before Having Liposuction

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