Tips for Owning Your First Horse

First Horse

Horses are majestic and large creatures that require constant care and dedication from their owners. There are many benefits to riding horses, but you may not need to own one to enjoy riding. Instead, you can lease or rent a horse. If you are set on owning your own animal, here are some tips to help you get started in horse ownership.

Find the Experts

The horse riding you do may depend on roll top horse jumps or just a clean arena, but either way, the horse you own needs a veterinarian and a farrier. You need to build a trusting relationship with these two professionals in your area. Each one should come out to meet you and your horse for an initial checkup and then any time you need routine care. If a problem does arise, you have two people available to call who can help you out.

Have a Routine

A routine is essential to ensure your horse stays healthy. This routine needs to include feeding times, vet visits, farrier visits, stable cleaning and arena keep up. Horses need to eat on a schedule to ensure they are getting all of the nutrients and water required every day. Their stable area needs to be cleaned out daily to prevent a buildup of bacteria and fungus that can harm your horse.

Exercise Regularly

A stabled horse needs regular exercise to stay healthy. Horses are made to walk and run around their environment, not be standing still all day. Excess standing can lead to a decrease in circulation, stiff muscles and a melancholy demeanor. Taking your horse out for a ride each day can improve their physical and mental health while building your relationship.

Caring for a horse is a time-intensive and labor-intensive pastime. You need to be absolutely sure you’re up to the task before you take on this immense responsibility.

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Tips for Owning Your First Horse

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