Neighing and Training: How to Train Horses

How to Train Horses

If you’re a new horse owner, you might feel overwhelmed. Training a horse isn’t as easy as training a dog. Horses are large, stubborn, and independent.

That said, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems on the surface. Whether you’re interested in casual riding or serious equestrian work, there are various simple horse training techniques that you can start implementing today.

We’re here with a few horse training tips to get you started. Keep reading to learn all about how to train horses as a beginner.

Establish Dominance

You need to make sure that your horse knows that you’re the leader. Horses are very aware that we are smaller than them. This makes it difficult to assert yourself as the dominant figure.

Horses have some understanding of body language. Stand up tall and speak with a firm voice when you’re instructing your horse. They can sense fear or uncertainty, and this won’t help you establish a leading role.

Create a Bond

While you do want to be the dominant figure, you also want to make sure that your horse feels comfortable with you. A horse that doesn’t trust its owner will be far more difficult to train and more dangerous to ride in the future.

Create a fun and low-stress environment for your horse. Horses enjoy games and challenges just like any other animal. They need enrichment.

You should also groom your horse and give it the occasional treat so it associates you with pleasant things. This will make the horse more excited to see you and willing to comply.

Do Groundwork

Groundwork is crucial when it comes to training a horse. You don’t want to jump right into the saddle before doing some training on the ground.

While you might be excited to get into pole exercise and jumps with your horse, wait until you’ve already tried activities and horse training exercises in which you’re not riding it.

You should be able to have your horse stand still, lead it, have it circle you, and have it adjust its position based on simple and gentle cues. This training will prepare your horse for more complex movements in the future and help it understand how to follow directions.

Equip Your Horse Without Your Weight

If you have a horse who isn’t used to equipment, start acclimating it to that equipment before you get in the saddle. This will help it adjust to the new weight and sensations.

Everything that your horse is going to wear, from the saddle all the way down to reins, will be uncomfortable for the horse at first. By letting it get used to the equipment before you ever try to ride it, you’ll be setting yourself up for a safer and more enjoyable ride for both of you.

How to Train Horses: Start Here

Learning how to train horses is a process. While this brief guide will get you started, it’s beneficial to talk to a professional horse trainer to have a successful training period.

Remember, you want the ride to be safe and comfortable for both you and the horse.

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Neighing and Training: How to Train Horses

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