Tips To Choose An E-Liquid in 2022


If you’re new to vaping and just experiencing the freshness of e-liquids, you might also be obsessed with the vast array of flavors and strengths they offer! Choosing an e-liquid should be done with careful consideration, as that e-liquid might turn out to be your new, long-time favorite.

But, one doesn’t have to pick the right e-liquid right away, and it would be a shame if you didn’t try everything available on the market. Being versatile with your choices might land you with an e-liquid you never thought imaginable, and that could be a future match made in heaven!

You might be experiencing trouble finding your perfect fit, but by following some guidelines, tips, and advice, you can make the right decision and enrich your vaping journey. If you have in mind what you need to know to make the right pick, you’ll be happier with your choice and won’t regret it a bit!

Why You Should Consider Buying an E-liquid

E-liquids are the safer alternative to smoking and can make the whole vaping experience ten times more fun. An e-juice can be commonly recognized as a vape juice, but it serves the function of vape liquid that the user vaporizes. It’s the liquid that carries the flavor and the strength of your vape kit, device, or electronic cigarette.

Three important ingredients make the e-liquid genuinely desirable, and those include:

  • The Vegetable Glycerine or VG
  • The Propylene Glycol or PG
  • Artificial or fresh flavoring
  • Nicotine

More people turn to e-juices because of their health benefits, and some lack nicotine for this fundamental reason. There are also numerous flavors to choose from, applicable to all taste buds.

What are the Types of E-liquid?

Many newbie vape-enthusiast get confused when offered a wide variety of e-liquids, and it’s important to distinguish the categories. Since vaping is all about pleasure, and it’s your first time trying out vape juices, you should consider a beginner’s guide to e-liquids. You need to buy the right e-juice as some can be applied to a specific type of vape kit, e-cigarette, or vape pen, as it could lead to leakage.

When choosing an e-liquid, you need to have a good VG to PG ratio. They will affect the vape liquid, so you’ll need to watch out for what device they’ll be suitable for. PG and VG influence the vapor and throat hit. E-liquids that carry more VG create those clouds of smoke with gentle throat hits, while PG-dominant vape juices hit the back of the throat, have subtle vapors, and often carry delicious flavors.

Tips to Consider When Choosing an E-liquid?

If you’re sold on the whole buying e-liquid part of vaping, it’s time to follow through with some before-tested tips to get your perfect match. Make sure to follow the next few tips to ensure maximum quality and enjoyment with your next e-liquid:

  1. Pick the right flavor
  2. Think Tank size
  3. If you’re a fan, choose e-liquid suitable for cloud-chasing
  4. Getting the nicotine strength straight
  5. Choosing an e-liquid wit6h a strong throat hit
  6. Choosing an e-liquid with a mild throat hit

Picking the Right Flavor

Are you more of a sweet-tooth kind of person, or do you enjoy the nice burn of aromatized tobacco? Whichever you are, make sure that your choice of e-liquid flavor matches your taste, likes, and dislikes. If you’re a big fan of different flavors and switch them up occasionally, you should go for an e-liquid with a greater PG ratio. With vape stores appearing everywhere, you can choose from any flavor your heart desires, everything from mint to strawberry, bubblegum, or eucalyptus –all to turn into vapor!

Think Tank Size

Tank leaking is one of the major culprits to blame. You need to watch out for the thickness of your e-liquid and not overflow the tank as this could lead to leakage everywhere. You should go for e-juices that are compatible with the size of your tank, so choose a bigger tank if you want more liquid.

A Fan of Cloud-chasing?

If you want to show your experience and vaping skills to your friends, you can try creating those big puffy clouds of vapor, and you do this by choosing an e-liquid that carries a bigger VG ratio. It’s pretty fun to do it, and the clouds are a great part of vaping. Everyone likes doing it, and you don’t have to worry about filling any room with smoke.

Getting the Nicotine Strength Straight

If you weren’t a smoker before, you don’t have to purchase an e-liquid that carries nicotine. There’s no reason you should get addicted now, and there are plenty of PG-dominant e-juices that can deliver magnificent flavor. You can opt for the zero-nicotine option and know that it won’t affect your vapor in any way, shape, or form. But if you’re more on the chain-smoker side, you’d want an e-liquid with a stronger VG ratio to get that strong throat hit and large clouds of vapor.

More of a Strong Hit Type of Guy

When smokers stop smoking, they miss the way a cigarette hits the back of their throat. If you want to replicate that sore throat, hit search for an e-liquid with more propylene glycol or PG. Since there are many e-liquids with different PG and VG ratios, most offer a 50/50 blend, but you can also find a 60/4 or even 70/30 ratio, depending on the strength you want. The bigger difference in ratio, the harder the hit on the throat.

More on the softer side

Newbie vaping-enthusiast might look for vape devices that produce a milder hit, and vapes that give such a hit are the ones with Nicotine salts. Suitable for light tobacco smokers, nicotine salts are relatively new but growing in popularity simply because they’re soft on the throat. Nicotine salts utilize the nicotine form found in tobacco leaves, which offers a much smoother hit. Another way to get a mild hit while inhaling is by choosing an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio.

Tips To Choose An E-Liquid in 2022

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