5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Vape Pen

Vape Pen

The care and general maintenance of a vape pen contribute significantly to your vaping experiences. Committing yourself to its tip-top appearance and notable functionality does come along with rich rewards. It’s imperative that you first muster your vape pen and all its parts. This crucial knowledge grants you the way forward in prolonging the life of your vape pen, among other benefits.

Indulge yourself in all the possible sources as you research all the key points that contribute to the longevity of your vape pen. Here are ways to take care of your vape pen.

1. Clean It Often

Cleaning your vape pen once in a long while makes no difference as the components gather up dirt of all kinds during your vaping escapades. However, cleaning it as often as you should ensure longer battery life and overall product longevity. Vape pens require a specific cleaning approach that will provide you reach every corner of the crucial parts. Mind your cleaning agents and tools as they also have a role to play in the hygiene sector.

Familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s manual first before anything else. As mentioned earlier, vape pens come in different shapes, sizes, and even colors and may not need the exact cleaning instructions. If you are looking for genuine products, most vape pen amazon dealers have some of the best products in the market. However, some features will stand out, thus requiring you to get your facts right.

To be on the safe side, make a point of cleaning up your vape pen thoroughly before every refill. This ensures that the stale vape doesn’t get mixed up with the fresh one, altering its taste and flavor. To clean the vape pen properly, disassemble each of the crucial parts. They include; the battery, atomizer, mouthpiece, tank, and button.

Vape Pen

2. Get To Know It Better

Since vape pens come in different shapes and sizes, knowing your model better gives you the upper hand in its maintenance. Enriching yourself with all due knowledge of its makeup and functionality makes it easier to understand what your vape pen needs to stay alive. Doing your research is also beneficial since the internet is packed with a wide variety of genuine sources. The essential parts to focus on doing your research are; the brand of the vape pen, the company name, and the model number.

These points are crucial since they give you a source of direction and easy access to legit manuals on care and usage. You could also allay your fears of the product on the official website, and the manufacturers will be available to make clarifications. You will also gain much-needed knowledge on disassembling the parts, cleaning them adequately and correctly, and putting them back together. Most importantly, be consistent in your endeavors to keep your vape pen in its best condition at all times.

Handling the parts of your vape pen the wrong way could lead to dire repercussions that may seem to its earlier disposal.

Vape Pen

3. Mind Your Vape Pen’s Battery

A vape pen can’t get powered up without a fully functional battery. It’s sensitive, and its shelf life is solely dependent on its general care and maintenance patterns. Avoid purchasing second-hand vape pens since not much is known about their battery’s history. Worse still, there’ll be no grounds for complaints in case of a breakdown.

One way to ensure your battery lasts longer is by keeping it from heat and moisture that may be too much for it to handle. When your battery’s in perfect condition, you’re assured of a smooth flow of electricity from the heating coil to the cartridge.

The first thing to check upon the purchase of a vape pen is the battery. If you suspect any form of foul play from the manufacturer, seal it and send it back. However, using it regardless of the mistakes, you may have noted danger related to combustion primarily due to overheating.

Focus on the quality of the vape pen since it may also determine the battery’s overall behavior. It’s advisable to always buy from reputable brands to avoid being duped, among other repercussions. Vape pen batteries are flexible and available in different models, including adjustable ones. However, these require your expertise in determining how much power your heating element needs to set the ball rolling.

4. Muster Your Cartridge

This is where the vape juice is stored, and cartridges come in a variety of designs. So mustering your cartridge involves knowing the model as well as the kind of oil it contains. Another crucial point to note is its storage position. Ideally, cartridges should always be placed upright to avoid spillage of the e juice or oil it carries. Aside from spillage, the contents may also leak towards the wrong chambers leading to their ultimate evaporation. The best cartridges that avoid leakage are the ones without wicks.

Try out the ones where manufacturers place metal columns in place of the wick to save your e juice from getting wasted. These are usually the most preferred, mainly due to their durability and convenience factors. You may be required to cough out more than your budget can handle, but it’s indeed a worthy investment. However, beware of imitations that may end up costing you more and granting you less in terms of services. What’s more, cartridges with the metal column are refillable, meaning you won’t have to purchase a complete vape pen with a fresh round of e juices.

Vape Pen

5. Purchase The Right Replacement Products

You may have to replace some parts of your vape pen at some point rather than the whole device. When you do, shop for legit parts that will not hinder the vape pen from performing its functions to perfection.

For instance, you may have to change the original cartridge for reasons related to compatibility, or it may not be as effective. Also, look for a cartridge that’s not susceptible to spillages and evaporation.

If you are new to vaping, a vape kit is a must.


A quality vape pen is the life of the vaping party. For this reason, you must see to its care and maintenance to enhance its durability and effectiveness.

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5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Vape Pen

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